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Mount Job  British Columbia   #958
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Meager Group

Height: 2495 m -> 8186 feet
Prominence?: 237 m  
Line Parent?: Capricorn Mountain (1.4 km away, at bearing 91 degrees)
Greater Parent: Capricorn Mountain (1.4 km away)

Location:   50.62472,-123.55250     50:37:29, -123:33:09   10U 460920 5608240 (8 km SW of Keyhole Falls). (63 km NW of Pemberton). NTS Mapsheet: 092.J.12   AreaCode: FM03/GF25
First Ascent: 1988 John Clarke
Mount Job - North Face
Located at the west edge of the Meager Group on the south side of the Lillooet River.

Just W of Capricorn Mountain, W of junction of Meager Creek and Lillooet River NW of Pemberton, Lillooet Land District.
 This seldom climbed volcano is the second lowest of the peaks in the Meager Group. The only successful attempts have been via the east ridge. Because of the exceedingly loose rock, the climb is best done with a firm snow cover.

Name Notes: Adopted in 1957. The west peak of Job was climbed via the west ridge (scary loose 5.6) in the 1980's. The main summit is difficult to reach and climb, primarily due to difficult access and horrible rock - a steep pile of rubble held together by sand and volcanic ash. A route out of the Affliction Glacier basin on snow has recently proven feasible.

The peak was first named in 1931 by Neil Carter, who along with Alex Dalgleish, and Tom Fyles, and Mills Windram attempted the peak. The origin of the names "Job" and "Affliction Glacier" can be traced back to Neil Carter. They refer to "the boil like appearance of the innumerable protuberances of breccia on its sides". It is assumed one is familiar with the Book of Job in which God afflict his faithful servant Job with boils to test his faith. The Affliction Glacier, which apparently overlies a hot spring, stinks of sulphur, which seems fitting. The book of Job was a favorite of many explorers and mountaineers because of its majestic descriptions of icefields and nature in general. It was the only part of the Bible that Shackelton thought necessary to retain when they abandoned their crushed ship in Antarctica. The basic story of Job is that he is a wealthy land owner and a faithful worshipper of God. One day Satan suggests to God that Job wouldn't be such a big supporter of his if he wasn't so well off. So God and Satan decide to test just how real Job actually is. One messenger comes in to tell him his house burned down.

Another announces all his sons were just killed. Still Job shrugs it off, so eventually they afflict his whole body with itching boils. Finally Job cracks, and asks God for an explanation as to what he has done to deserve all this bad luck. God then answers with paragraphs and paragraphs of glorious description of the geographic wonders of nature, including mountains and icefields. (These are often the favourite passages of mountaineers). God then asks Job where he was during the creation of all of those wonders, and what gives him the idea that he can ask God for explanations of anything!

To read this story for yourself, the most glorious descriptions are in the older translations such as the King James Version, or better still, the Jehovoh's Witness version of the Bible. The newer translations are watered down.

Trip Reports within 1 km
88 2004.04.29 Losing Weight: From Slim to Meager (Lillooet Icefield Traverse) Scott Nelson
57 2001.08.11 Mount Job - Possible First Ascent Fred Touche

2004.01.01 Proof from old Mtn record field Drew Brayshaw

Subject Photos   View Thumbnails
12 Mount Job - North Face Fred Touche
9 Affliction Glacier Fred Touche
8 Mount Job - East Ridge and North Face Fred Touche
4 Mount Job - East Ridge and North Face Fred Touche
3 Mount Job - South Face Fred Touche
3 Mount Job - North Face Fred Touche

Placename Photos
9 Mount Meager, Plinth Peak, and Mount Job from the summit of Salal Peak Lucas Earl
4 Meager Group Labelled Panorama from Athelstan Drew Brayshaw