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Twins Tower (Center Twin)  Alberta   #7235
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges / Winston Churchill Range

Height: 3627 m <- 11900 feet
Prominence?: 127 m  
Line Parent?: North Twin (0.6 km away, at bearing 138 degrees)
Greater Parent: North Twin (1.0 km away)

Location:   52.22750,-117.44000     52:13:39, -117:26:24   11U 469947 5786433 (81 km E of Mica Creek). NTS Mapsheet: 083.C.03   AreaCode: FL27/CE24
First Ascent: Thursday July 00, 1938 Fritz Wiessner, AAJ 3-366
Twins Tower from North Twin
This peak is #3 on the Height List for Alberta .Located 1/2 km NW of North Twin, continuously connected with snow. Do not confuse Twins Tower with the 10,700' rock tower at 52:13:46-117:26:59. The Twins Tower is continuously connected by glacier to the North Twin, not a rock tower. It is just 1/2 km NW of North twin.

 Twins Tower could be regarded as the north summit of North Twin. It is typically included as a separate peak on lists of Canadian Rockies peaks above 11,000 feet. Location: Prominence: The 1:50K shows only three 40m contour lines, thus the drop is 120m.

1. Over the Top of NorthTwin Nowdays, the standard route is to go over the top of north Twin, then descend through crevasses to the col. From there it is straightforward but somewhat exposed.
2. North Twin Bypass on East (1938) Fritz Wiessner, and party. Their route was to traverse around the east side of North Twin on a snow terrace, thus saving the elevation gain going over the top of N Twin.
3. North face (House/Preszelj) (2004.04.07) S. House, M. Preszelj. hard. The third ascent, by the third route, of what is considered one of, if not the, hardest wall in the Rockies. Top alpinists House and Preszelj climbed the 1500m route over 4 days marred by House losing his plastic boot shell at the second or third bivi. The route climbs the concavity between the unrepeated 1974 Lowe/Jones and 1985 Blanchard/Cheesemond routes on rock, snow and ice and features hard mixed and ice climbing. The line joins the Lowe/Jones for the upper pitches. Postholing 14 miles out to the road via the Columbia Icefield was also apparently a crux. Equipment: full on alpine rack

Trips within 1 km
33 2000.05.22 Twins and Stutfield - Athabasca Glacier Approach Route Rick Collier

2004.01.01 Proof from old Mtn record field David Wasserman

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11 Twins Tower from North Twin Rick Collier
9 Twins Tower from North Twin Col Vern Dewit

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10 Twins Tower and Son of a Twin Vern Dewit
10 Twins Panorama Rick Collier
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9 Little Alberta from the Woolley Shoulder Vern Dewit
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