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Ipsoot Mountain  British Columbia   #710 (DJ29)
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges

Height: 2576 m -> 8451 feet
Prominence?: 966 m above Ryan-Rutherford Pass
Line Parent?: Zygo Peak (35.0 km away, at bearing 303 degrees)
Greater Parent ?: Overseer Mountain (35.7 km away)

Location:   50.32538,-122.99136     50:19:31, -122:59:29   10U 500615 5574809 (20 km N of Rainbow Lake). (14 km W of Pemberton). NTS Mapsheet: 092.J.07   AreaCode?: FM02/DJ29
First Ascent:  R. Pilkington, J. Booth, W. Cadillac, A, Dellow, T. Fallowfield, L. Harrison
Ipsoot Mountain from the South
A high, glaciated dome at the headwaters of Rutherford Creek and the South Miller Creek. The area surrounding the summit is heavily glaciated. The approach is via the Miller Creek hydroelectric access road to the dam on South Miller Creek. Bushwhack west along the creek to subalpine meadows north of the summit. Head south across steep rock and glacier terrain to reach the summit.

Name Notes: "Ipsoot" means "hidden" or "to hide" in the Chinook Jargon. This seems to have been chosen as the name for Ipsoot Mtn because the peak, and the icefield, are hidden from the valley below.

1. Ipsoot - Northwest Glacier Easy ski, few crevasses.. Easy way up on skis. Approach by South Miller Creek and gain snout of glacier at GR004779. Make a horseshoe ascent of the easy glacier to plateau below summit ridge. Ascend summit ridge by its northern or western slopes. If skiing, a good way to descend is by the North Glacier.
2. Ipsoot - North Glacier Fast way up from the north. Approach by South Miller Creek and gain snout of North Glacier at GR008774. Ascend easy glacier (slightly steeper than the Northwest Glacier) to plateau below summit ridge. Ascend summit ridge by its northern slopes. If skiing, this is a more interesting descent route than the flatish Northwest Glacier.

Trips within 1 km
46 2009.05.09 Ipsoot Mountain on skis from Rutherford Branch 550 Paul Kubik
51 2003.04.05 Mount Ipsoot Ski via Miller Creek Power Road Robin Tivy
16 2000.01.29 Ipsoot - Country of endless slopes and sweet powder Pierre Signore
19 1999.06.26 Ipsoot Mt., SE approach Laurent Mingo
26 1982.04.24 Ipsoot on Skis from South Klaus Haring
32 1970.08.10 1970 Ipsoot from Rutherford Cliff Jennings


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16 Ipsoot and Little Ring Paul Kubik
10 Ipsoot Mountain from the South Martin Ortmayr
7 Ipsoot Mountain from the North Martin Ortmayr

Placename Photos
10 Western View from Ipsoot Mountain Simon Chesterton
10 Northeastern View from Puma S1 Simon Chesterton
9 Puma W4 from Journeyman Peak Simon Chesterton
8 From Ipsoot Mtn to Rainbow Mtn Cliff Jennings
8 Labeled Panorama Northwest from Overlord Mountain Lucas Earl
7 Ipsoot Mtn 10 Moe, Weart & Wedge Cliff Jennings
6 1968 CJ Jumping off Whistler peak (Rainbow Mountain) Cliff Jennings
6 North Miller Creek Headwaters Greg Jones
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