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Whistler Mountain  British Columbia   #625
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges / Fitzsimmons Range

Height: 2181 m -> 7156 feet
Prominence?: 471 m above Singing Pass
Line Parent?: Fissile Peak (8.9 km away, at bearing 120 degrees)
Greater Parent: Tremor Mountain (10.9 km away)

Location:   50.05917,-122.95694     50:03:33, -122:57:25   10U 503082 5545210 (13 km SE of Rainbow Lake). (6 km S of Whistler). NTS Mapsheet: 092.J.02   AreaCode: FM02/AJ55
Whistler 2011 Avalanches
A multi-summited peak located between Fitzsimmons Creek and the Cheakamus River, on the northwest end of the Fitzsimmons Range directly south of Whistler, BC. This mountain is, of course, the mountain for which the resort town of Whistler is named. The chairlifts start in the town and climb to the summit. From the top of Whistler, one can set out across a series of smaller peaks, known as the "Musical Bumps" and eventually ski down into Singing Pass. In the summer, if you don't want to take the ski lifts to the top, you can simply hike along the ski runs to the north side of the summit block, which is an easy scramble.

Name Notes: The original name for Whistler was London Mountain and was conferred by Pacific Great Eastern crews because of the heavy fog and rain around this mountain, which reminded someone of their native London. True enough, there's a spot around the old midstation on the south flank where even on sunny days there's often a patch of damp scud clinging to the mountainside. The Whistler Valley, aka the Alta Lake area, was chosen by the Garibaldi Lifts Co., the original ski developers here, because the mountain and area below were at the maximum isohyet - rainfall "contour" - on the pass between Squamish and Pemberton (plus a calculation of the ideal driving time from the North Shore). Of course, in those days the wintertime precipitation was nearly almost always snow...... This peak was known as London Mountain until the developers of the ski resort petitioned to have it renamed in the late 1960's. They didn't think London was a marketable name. Although hill-summits on the ridge connecting this flattish summit to the more alpine areas of Garibaldi Park are named Oboe, Piccolo and Flute, Whistler's name does not come from a musical instrument, but from the whistling marmot which was once common and maybe still is on its slopes. It's because of this that the town's official "mascot" is Willy Whistler, an overweight marmot dressed in red yuppie wear you'll sometimes see trying to have a good time in Whistler village, which is hard to do when kids are pulling your tail.

Trips within 1 km
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35 1973.04.15 1973 Highland Staff Helicoper skiing to Decker & Blackcomb Cliff Jennings
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48 1923.09.16 1923 First Ascent of Diavolo Cliff Jennings


Subject Photos   View Thumbnails
10 Whistler - The Good Old Days Reynold Schmidt
8 Whistler 2011 Avalanches Frank W. Baumann
7 1968 Whistler Bowl 07 (John Lund VD Trees) Cliff Jennings
7 1968 Gondola & Lower T-Bar on Whistler Cliff Jennings
7 ARCHIVE WMA_P88_005 CARTER Whistler Peak Cliff Jennings
6 1968 Whistler Bowl 11 (Bill Chaplin & Brian Williams) Cliff Jennings
6 1969 Rainbow view of Whistler Alpine Cliff Jennings
6 1973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes view of Whistler Mountain Cliff Jennings
5 1968 Glacier Bowl 01 (below Whistler Peak) Cliff Jennings
5 1968 Exhilaration 05 (Bobby Calladine) Whistler Glacier Bowl Cliff Jennings
5 1968 Exhilaration 02 (Little Whistler) Cliff Jennings
5 1986 Whistler Peak Chair blasting Cliff Jennings
5 Whistler Mountain South Slope Paul Kubik
4 1971 TV site 02 (Mount Sproatt to lower slopes of Whistler) Cliff Jennings
2 Whistler from Blackcomb 1997 pan Cliff Jennings

Placename Photos
8 Cornice blasting 06 (blast) view of Ember Mountain Cliff Jennings
7 Flute Summit from Oboe Summit Lucas Earl
7 Pyroclastic, Cayley, Brandywine and Metal Dome from Whistler Mountain Josef Hanus
5 Cornice blasting 04 (Overlord background) Cliff Jennings
5 Mount Currie from Whistler Mountain Josef Hanus
4 Whistler Peak and Black Tusk Frank W. Baumann
3 Whistler Life Saving Trail context Paul Kubik