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Locomotive Mountain  British Columbia   #5139
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Bridge-Lillooet Divide / Railroad Group

Height: 2340 m -> 7677 feet
Prominence?: 130 m  
Line Parent?: Face Mountain (2.1 km away, at bearing 332 degrees)
Greater Parent: Face Mountain (2.1 km away)

Location:   50.58250,-123.05861     50:34:57, -123:03:31   10U 495851 5603401 (10 km E of Mouth of North Creek). (35 km NW of Pemberton). NTS Mapsheet: 092.J.11   AreaCode: FM03/FA85
Locomotive Mountain - Northeast Side
The easternmost of 3 peaks running east-west along the south side of the Train glacier. Next peak west is "Tender" and then "Caboose".

1. South Ridge Easy Ski. Although Locomotive looks formidible from every other angle, the south ridge is a glorious ski route. In May, one can ski right to the summit, being careful of cornices on the western slopes. Equipment: Skis AvgTime: 2 hours return

Trips within 1 km
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29 2009.08.29 Locomotive Mountain - South Ridge Tim Gage
50 2008.07.20 Runaway Train: Traverse of the Railroad Group Gili Rosenberg
75 2007.05.07 Hurley Horseshoe on Skis Robin Tivy
69 2007.05.07 The Corn Snow Tour: Lone Goat Creek to Railroad Pass Sandra McGuinness
27 2001.05.11 Locomotive Mountain - From Railroad Pass on Skis Robert Ballantyne


Subject Photos   View Thumbnails
13 Locomotive Mountain from Southeast Ridge of Face Mountain Robin Tivy
13 Locomotive Mountain and the Railroad Group from Lower Semaphore Lake Mitch Sulkers
9 Locomotive from Upper Semaphore Lakes Robin Tivy
6 Locomotive Mountain and Train Glacier from the North Steve Sproule
5 Locomotive from Tender - Summer Steve Sproule
5 Locomotive at Dawn Jordan Peters
4 Locomotive Mountain - Northeast Side Fred Touche
3 Locomotive Mountain - Southeast Face Fred Touche

Placename Photos
9 Faceless, Sampson, and Face from Locomotive Steve Sproule
9 Train Glacier Group Robert Ballantyne