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Comet Mountain  British Columbia   #3236
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains

Height: 1970 m -> 6463 feet
Prominence?: 340 m  
Line Parent?: Oort Peak (4.4 km away, at bearing 228 degrees)
Greater Parent: Oort Peak (4.4 km away)

Location:   52.85175,-127.16888     52:51:06, -127:10:08   9U 623302 5857350 (59 km NW of Bella Coola). NTS Mapsheet: 093.D.14   AreaCode: FM27/IB56
Located at the head of Dean Channel, just west of where the Kimsquit River flows into the head of the inlet. It is at the head of Hoam Creek. Peak has a large glacier/icefield starting on its northern slopes and extending northwest in numerous arms. The peak itself is a rocky summit.

Name Notes: A comet is a small body in the solar system that orbits the sun and (at least occasionally) exhibits a coma (or atmosphere) and/or a tail -- both due primarily to the effects of solar radiation upon the comet's nucleus, which itself is a minor planet composed of rock, dust, and ices. Due to their origins in the outer solar system and their propensity to be highly affected by relatively close approaches to the major planets, comets' orbits are constantly evolving. Some are moved into sungrazing orbits that destroy the comets when they near the sun, while others are thrown out of the solar system forever. But a bright comet is one of the surest celestial events to capture the interest of the general public.

Comets are believed to originate in a cloud (the Oort cloud) at large distances from the sun consisting of debris left over from the condensation of the solar nebula; the outer edges of such nebulae are cool enough that water exists in a solid (rather than gaseous) state. Asteroids originate via a different process, but very old comets which have lost all their volatile materials may come to resemble asteroids.

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