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Barbeau Peak  Nunavut   #261 (JJ28)
Ranges: North America Ranges / Arctic Islands

Height: 2616 m -> 8583 feet
Prominence?: 2616 m  
Line Parent?: Tripoli Mountain (3504.6 km away, at bearing 231 degrees)
Greater Parent ?: Mount Elbert (4905.0 km away)

Location:   81.92667,-74.98666     81:55:36, -74:59:12   18X 500209 9096643NTS Mapsheet: 03no roads this far north.G.15   AreaCode?: IH14/JJ28
First Ascent: 1967 Geoff Hattersley-Smith and Party
Barbeau Peak
This peak is #1 on the Height List for Nunavut . This peak is #1 in Prominence List for Nunavut .Barbeau Peak is on the northern end of Ellesmere Island, southwest of Alert and east of Lake Hazen, and southwest of Taconite Inlet. The Innuitian Range, which contains Mount Barbeau, was first seen in 1882 by the explorer Adolphus Greely, from Lake Hazen. Until the 1930's, the only expeditions through the Lake Hazen Valley were north pole expeditions, most noteably Robert E. Peary in 1906. In 1935 an expedition from Oxford University, led by A. Moore climbed and named Mount Oxford, at that time the closest peak to Mount Barbeau. In 1962 a survey of the highest peaks on Northern Ellesmere Island was undertaken by Paul Atkinson and Hattersley-Smith.

Name Notes: Named in 1969 after Dr. Marius Barbeau who was a Canadian anthropologist who gained international acclaim for his research into the First Nations and Inuit culture.

1. Land on Icecap, Climb Barbeau, hike out to Tanquary Fiord Ski, steep but not technically difficult. First step is to get from Edmonton to Resolute, which can be reached by commercial flights. Canadian North flies from Edmonton 3 times a week. From Resolute it is necessary to charter a flight to Ellesmere Island, which is going to cost about $20,000, split by a maximum of 10 climbers. There are two companies offering this service: First Air and Ken Borek Air. Both use Twin Otters with a maximum payload of about 1000 kg. Possibly part of this cost could possibly be shared with another group coming out at the same time. Charter services from Resolute are offered by First Air, and Ken Borek Air, using twin otter aircraft. Aircraft equipped for ski landing can land either north or south of the peak. The landing must be done early in the summer (before June 30) before the snow gets too soft and sticky. The mountain is less steep on the north. The last 400m are steep. Crampons are only needed for the last 50m to get up a moderate ice slope and then along a narrow ridge to the top. To descend from the Icecap, head west for 15 km, toward the Air Force glacier, which is relatively crevasse free. The Air Force river can usually be forded, although the riverbed is smooth ice, requiring crampons. A rope is useful. See Jack Bennett's book "Not Won in a Day" for more detail. Equipment: crampons, rope

Trips within 1 km

2014.02.17 Prominence proof - up the divide to Tripoli Mountain (near Brazeau) Robin Tivy

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23 Barbeau Peak Kevin Altheim