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Golden Hinde (The Rooster's Comb)  British Columbia   #1364
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Insular Mountains / Vancouver Island Ranges

Height: 2197 m -> 7208 feet
Prominence?: 2197 m  
Line Parent?: Mount Smith (138.8 km away, at bearing 21 degrees)
Greater Parent: Mount Waddington (193.0 km away)

Location:   49.66271,-125.74702     49:39:46, -125:44:49   10U 301767 5504754 (14 km NW of Westmin Mine). (25 km SE of Gold River). NTS Mapsheet: 092.F.12   AreaCode: EM95/GH64
First Ascent: 1913 Einar Anderson, W.R. Kent, W.W. Urquhart, 1913 or 1914. FWA:1993.02.24 Robin Slieker, Philip Stone, Chris Barner
The Golden Hinde
This peak is #18 in Prominence List for British Columbia .The Golden Hinde is the highest mountain on Vancouver Island. It is located in Stratchona Provincial Park in the centre of the island. It is a rugged looking mountain from any direction.

Name Notes: The Golden Hinde was named in honor of the ship of the same name, in which Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the world, the first Englishman to do so. Drake sailed up the Northwest Coast of North America after raiding Spanish colonies along the Central American Coast and laid claim to the regions north of New Spain, naming the site he landed as Nova Albion, Albion being one of the poetic names for England. Debate rages as to where along the coast he did this, with most opinion placing this landing somewhere in northern California. The name Golden Hinde wasn't officially conferred on this peak until 1938, but this was done after a reference to the peak in one of logs of the early fur-trading captains, who was reminded of Drake's ship as the golden light of sunset hit the mountain, which is visible from the west coast of the Island. A "hinde" in archaic English is another word for female deer (doe). The alternative name "The Rooster's Comb" was conferred by early alpinists because of the mountain's appearance.

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Trip Reports within 1 km
36 2009.07.09 Trip to Golden Hinde to verify Height with GPS Harald Steiner
49 2006.07.30 The Spine of the Island: Phillips Ridge and almost Golden Hinde Keith Freeman
69 2005.07.30 Golden Hinde Traverse with a Twist: From the Elk River to Phillips Creek Gord Johnson
90 2003.08.27 Overland to Golden Hinde Robin Tivy
36 2003.08.23 South Couloir - Golden Hinde Henrik Hinkkala
66 2003.07.19 A Personal Quest: Golden Hinde from Marble Meadows Gord Johnson
35 1995.08.01 Marble Meadows to Elk River via Golden Hinde Tim Deutscher
27 1990.08.21 A Quick Trip to the Behinde Sandy Briggs


Subject Photos   View Thumbnails
25 Golden Hinde from Phillips Ridge Robin Tivy
19 The Golden Hinde Looking Meaner Than It Really Is Gord Johnson
15 Golden Hinde from Schjelderup Lake Robin Tivy
11 Golden Hinde from Marble Meadows Tim Deutscher
11 The Golden Hinde at Sunrise Sandy Briggs
9 Twilight Hits The Golden Hinde Keith Freeman
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6 The Golden Hinde Steven Harng
6 Golden Hinde and Strathcona Park from Mt. Jutland David Campbell
5 North Side of the Behinde and Golden Hinde David Campbell
5 Golden Hinde from Phillips Ridge Ryan Keesey
4 The Golden Hinde from Albert Edward Caleb Horn
4 The Golden Hinde from Marble Meadows Mike Kent

Placename Photos
12 Alexandra Peak and The Golden Hinde from Mount Washington Sasha Kubicek
7 Mount Albert Edward Panorama ID Key Sandy Briggs
4 Mt.Burman from Golden Hinde John Halliday
4 Drake's Revenge: The Behinde from Golden Hinde John Halliday