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Waterton Lakes National Park
Scale: 1:50000   25 m contours

CurEd: 4th edition   ISBN: 1-895526-89-9
Price: $ $14.95 Here is the link to buy this map from the Gem Trek website.
Grid Lines: UTM grid lines every one kilometre and also Lat-Long scale in margin every minute.
Area Described: Waterton Lakes National Park

Folded map. 25-metre contour interval. 1000-metre grid. Relief-shaded map on waterproof material. Full color on both sides. The map covers all of Waterton Lakes National Park, the eastern end of Akamina-Kishinena Provincial Park and the Goat Haunt or northern area of Glacier National Park, USA. Popular trails covered include Carthew-Alderson, Crypt Lake, Bertha Lake, Goat Lake, Twin Lakes, Forum and Wall Lakes and the Tamarack Trail. Also on the front is an inset map (1:35,000) of Waterton townsite, with accommodation and services marked. On the back of the map are photos and trail descriptions of more than 20 recommended hikes, 4 bike-and-hike trails, and 7 overnight or multi-days trips. Also included is contact information for campgrounds and other services.


Below is a sketch map showing the area covered by this map. A link to this map will appear on all the mountains that fall within the boundaries.