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Infrastructure Record Changes
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Summary Table
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Mountain Section
Route Summary00
Road Section
Road Plan00
Composite Route00
General Section
Admin Section

Mountain Section

Updated Mountains
Fred Touche
2017.11.19#20175Mount Ida BC1567202
2017.11.18#1234The Still BC2297177
2017.11.18#4381Mount Lincoln BC670240
2017.11.18#6407Gideon Peak BC2591626
2017.11.18#7147Velella Peak BC1599699
2017.11.14#661Talon Peak BC2375190
2017.11.14#1077Tachewana Peak BC2482377
2017.11.14#1079Haynon Peak BC2493288
2017.11.14#2112Cyclone Peak BC2499289
2017.11.14#6633Longslog Mountain BC2307257
2017.11.14#29050Mount Hopkins BC2493223
Glenn Woodsworth
2017.11.19#560Middle Needle BC1258260
2017.11.19#32071North Needle BC125686
Robin Tivy
2017.11.16#37855Test Peak BC43030
2017.11.14#17109Mobius Peak BC1659135
2017.11.14#29010Hippo Peak BC1550120
2017.11.14#29011Raven Dance Peak BC164722
2017.11.12#12643Potlatch Peak BC1419317
Vern Dewit
2017.11.16#37614Fallen Peak AB2420240

Road Section

New Roads and Trails

Updated Roads and Trails
Fred Touche
2017.11.18Mount Lincoln TrailTrail2
Robin Tivy
2017.11.18Roe Creek RoadMinorRoad
2017.11.16Road 19MinorRoad
2017.11.16Road 11MinorRoad
2017.11.16Road 12MinorRoad
2017.11.16Road 13MinorRoad
2017.11.16Road 14MinorRoad
2017.11.16Road 15MinorRoad
2017.11.16Road 16MinorRoad
2017.11.16Road 10MinorRoad
2017.11.16Road 18MinorRoad
2017.11.16Road 17MinorRoad
2017.11.15North Gray Road Parking spot to clearcutsSpur2
2017.11.13Steele Backdoor TrailTrail2
2017.11.13Gilbert Lake TrailTrail2
2017.11.13Mount Steele TrailTrail1
2017.11.13Widgeon Lake TrailTrail2
2017.11.13Edwards Lake TrailTrail1

General Section

New Towns
Robin Tivy
Robin Tivy2017.11.16Test Town

Updated Towns
Robin Tivy
2017.11.17Roberts Creek
2017.11.16Test Town

New Features
Robin Tivy
Robin Tivy2017.11.13Gray Lake Campsite

Updated Features
Robin Tivy
2017.11.16Rope Tow Cabin
2017.11.15Gray Lake Campsite
2017.11.15Steele Cabin
2017.11.14Edwards Cabin
Glenn Woodsworth
2017.11.12Bachelor Lake Cabin

Admin Section

Self Updated Articles Section
SelfUpdate Title Author
SelfUpdate Title Author

New Feature Photos
SelfUpdate Title Author
2017.11.19Mt IdaMike Wickett
2017.11.16Fallen PeakVern Dewit
St Jacobs mtn and SE ridgeCody Hallett
Haynon Pk from Haynon LakeCody Hallett
Longslog mtn Cody Hallett
North side of Tachewana PkCody Hallett
Mt. Dix from NWCody Hallett
North face of Mt. HopkinsCody Hallett
Talon Pk viewed from Flood pkCody Hallett
Cyclone peakCody Hallett
NW side of the StillCody Hallett
SE ridge of Stewart PkCody Hallett
Velella Peak from shoulder of Mount Tom TaylorLucas Earl
Mount Tom Taylor from northern subpeakLucas Earl
Mount Lincoln - Southwest SideFred Touche
SW side of GideonCody Hallett

Updated Feature Photos
SelfUpdate Title Author
2017.11.19Mt IdaMike Wickett
2017.11.16Fallen PeakVern Dewit