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Infrastructure Record Changes
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Summary Table
RecordType NewUpdates
Mountain Section
Route Summary00
Road Section
Road Plan02
Composite Route00
General Section
Admin Section

Mountain Section

New Mountains
Robin Tivy
2018.06.19Walrus PeakBC (49--122)148484

Updated Mountains
Glenn Woodsworth
2018.06.15#16894Pump Peak BC140760
Robin Tivy
2018.06.19#1201Mount McGuire BC2008465
2018.06.19#38314Walrus Peak BC148484

Road Section

New Roads and Trails
Robin Tivy
2018.06.19T7.2 Liumchen Peak SpurSpur3
2018.06.19T8.6 Walrus SpurSpur3
2018.06.18T10.3 Damfino SpurSpur3

Updated Roads and Trails
Fred Touche
2018.06.12Lindeman Lake TrailTrail1
Martin Ortmayr
2018.06.19Roe Creek Branch R200Spur1
Robin Tivy
2018.06.20T8.6 Walrus SpurSpur3
2018.06.20Tamihi FSRSpur1
2018.06.20Liumchen Bench RoadSpur1
2018.06.20T10.3 Damfino SpurSpur3
2018.06.20T7.2 Liumchen Peak SpurSpur3
2018.06.20T2.2 Tamihi Center ForkSpur2
2018.06.19T2.2 SeedlingSpur1
2018.06.15Lone Goat Creek FSRSpur1
2018.06.14M21.8 Knothole Lake TrailTrail2
2018.06.14M20 Crawford SpurSpur3
2018.06.14Ashlu MainSpur2
2018.06.14M9.5 Alpen SpurSpur1
2018.06.14M13.2 Skookum Dam RoadSpur1
2018.06.14M27.7 Meslilloet SpurSpur3
2018.06.14M6.8 Mulligan SpurSpur1
2018.06.14M26.6 Pollen LineSpur2
2018.06.14M26.6-2.8 Elephant SpurSpur2
2018.06.14M27.9 Dunkeld SpurSpur1
2018.06.14M21.5 West MainSpur4
2018.06.14M3.8 Indian River Road - Section 1MinorRoad
2018.06.14M22.9 Acorn SpurSpur1
2018.06.14M12.8 Mamquam SouthSpur3
2018.06.10Sims G MainMinorRoad
2018.06.10Sims 00.1 G100Spur1
2018.06.10Sims 19.4 G800Spur1
2018.06.10Sims 20.9 East BranchSpur1
2018.06.10Sims 20.5 Mount John Clarke Trail Princess Louisa to Sims CreekTrail2
2018.06.10Sims 12.5N Outrigger Spur G-510 Spur3
2018.06.10Soo 3.3 Soo South Main (B line)Spur1
2018.06.10Sims 12.5S South Fork G-5Spur3
2018.06.10Sims 12.5N-1.4 Outrigger N SpurSpur3
2018.06.10Soo 20.8 Torrent Creek SpurSpur2
2018.06.10Soo 10.0Spur1
2018.06.10Soo 3.3-6.3 Cougar Mountain RoadSpur1

Updated Road Plans
2018.06.20Tamihi Road Plan
2018.06.19Soo Spur Plan

General Section

Updated Features
Fred Touche
2018.06.15HBC Sowaqua Parking
Glenn Woodsworth
2018.06.15Abbot Pass Hut

Admin Section

Updated External Resources
2018.06.14GPS Track Editor

Updated Tutorials
2018.06.10Get Road Waypoints From GMap using Draw and Save
2018.06.10Get single waypoint from Gmap

Self Updated Articles Section

New Trip Reports
SelfUpdate Title Author
2018.06.19Taking the Ridge to Hops Peak Martin Ortmayr

Updated Trip Reports
SelfUpdate Title Author
2018.06.19Taking the Ridge to Hops Peak Martin Ortmayr
2018.06.17Road Trip to Nevada 2017Klaus Haring
2018.06.14Mount Callaghan CircumnavigationRobin Tivy
2018.06.13Test TripRobin Tivy

New Feature Photos
SelfUpdate Title Author
2018.06.14The Cayoosh RangeMartin Ortmayr

Updated Feature Photos
SelfUpdate Title Author
2018.06.14The Cayoosh RangeMartin Ortmayr