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Searching for User Written Articles #22

  Review Date:2016.07.05 There are three main types of user written articles:

 Equipment Reviews
 Reference Articles

Use the search field to search for all types of article at once. The search is by keyword. Although you can search for any term, there is a list of suggested keywords. The articles are deliberately indexed under these keywords.

Here's how it works:
 Click the "Articles" link on the front page. This takes you directly to an "Articles Search" page. At the top of this page is a "direct search" form. It allows you to search all types of article for any given keyword. The keyword must appear in the title or keywords field of the article. For example, you can directly search for "skins", and you'll see 1 Discussion article and 5 review articles. Try some term like "track log" and you'll see articles of 7 different types.

In addition to the "direct search", the "Articles Search" page has a list of "broad subjects" such as Camping, Navigation or Photography. Each of these "broad terms" has a list of keywords that fall under it, and the search uses not only the broad term, but all the keywords. So if you click on "photography", you see that it also searches for "camera, slide scanner, photographic techniques, and photo editors.