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List of Email Statuses #19

  Review Date:2015.11.12 This is the list referred to in Self Verify Your email address.

  1. Unverified
     When you insert a new user record, the system sends out a test message and marks your address as unverified. When you click the link in the test message, your status changes to "Good". However, a year later, the system will again send a test message, and change the status back to Unverified. As soon as you reply, it changes the status back to "Good". However if you somehow missed the test message, the system will send you another test in about a week. If you miss that, a week later it will try again. If you never reply to any of them, then the system will change the status to "NoReply" and give up.

  2. Good
     Means the system has received your reply to one of the test messages in the past year.

  3. No Reply "NoReply" means the system successfully sent out 5 test messages, but no reply was received. The address is probably still good, but you never saw it. A common problem is that the test messages go to your spam folder. (Check your spam folder). Or they went to an email address you never check. Or you erased the test messages by mistake.

  4. NoSuchUser
     The remote server sends back a message that there is no such user.

  5. NoConnect
      My postmaster@virtual1 sends me a message that it can't connect to the remote server. Eg: postmaster@virtual1 "This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification". Delivery to the following recipients failed:

  6. Refused
     The remote server sends a message that it refuses to accept the connection. (Either a blacklist or some other problem such as invalid Helo")