Field Help for undefined #170
  Review Date:2013.09.14

This isn't a website where everybody has bogus "handles". Please put in both your first and last name. Use mixed case such as "Fred Smith", not FRED SMITH or fred smith.

This will be the name associated with any postings you make to the system. It also will be displayed for any recommendations that you make.

Please put in both first and last name. I've spent weeks trying to cleanup duplicate member records, and its really hard when I have 20 all of which are called "John". I tend to just delete as many of them as possible. Also the system now checks for a unique name, to prevent future problems when you forget your password. If you REALLY do have a full name the same as someone else, put your town in brackets after the name, to make it unique. Eg: Doug Brown (Nelson) versus Doug Brown (Vancouver). This is better than making your name unique by putting in a middle initial, because later when you search for your forgotten login, the string search will match your name. Eg: Searching for "Doug Brown" will still find Doug Brown, but not Doug A. Brown or whatever.

Please use your actual name, not a made up "handle" like "slope shredder". One reason for this rule is that it is less likely you'll forget your real name when you come back to the site 6 months later and try to find your old password. (My teen age daughter is always going to different websites and making up clever handles, and then forgetting them.)