Field Help for undefined #220
  Review Date:2015.10.25

A word or phrase that will remind ONLY YOU of your password. Eg: "The name of my first cat". It should be a question which does not help some third party guess your password, but is only useful to you. The password reminder will appear when you (or anyone else) uses the "forgot my password" function. Or if you accidentally try and enter a duplicate account. It will also be mailed to you in renewal email messages. (we don't mail your password itself).

Why have a password reminder when you can just email yourself your password? Because your email address might be out of date or broken.

If you forget your password, go to the login screen and click the link titled "I forgot my password". This gets you into the password retrieval function. You type in your name or part of your name, and will cause all records that match your name to be displayed, along with the password reminder.

Keep in mind that anyone who uses the "forgot my password" function will see your password reminder if they type in your name. So don't use a question someone who might want to break into your account could use.