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There are two basic types of photos: Feature photos and in-line photos. The feature photos are the big photos, usually of a peak. They are inserted as a 2 stage process: first insert the photo record then upload the photo.

In-line photos are the ones in the body of trip reports and road bulletins. They are uploaded by using a "Upload Photo" link at the top of the report.

Photo Resizing
Photos can be automatically or manually resized.   Review Date:2017.07.26

Upload Photo - to any type of Article
General instructions for uploading photos   Review Date:2017.04.22

Upload Photo for Member Page
How to upload one or more photos   Review Date:2014.08.08

Insert a Feature Photo
How to enter a large stand-alone photo, such as a large photo of a mountain.   Review Date:2016.06.10

Upload photo to Trip Report
How to upload in-line photos to your trip reports.   Review Date:2016.10.26

Make photo display on mountain page
How to cause a photo to appear on a mountain page. Link photo to mountain page.   Review Date:2012.10.01

Find a Trip Report Id
When filling in a photo essay how do I get the Trip report Id?   Review Date:2012.11.05