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"GMap" displays topo maps and satellite views. The "G" stands for Google. There is a GMap link on every mountain and trip page. When you click it, you see a 1:50K topo map. Overlaid on top are the bivouac roads, trails and peaks. There are so many things you can do with GMap that I have written a special <a href=PgxPg.asp?PgxId=3305>GMap Tutorial</a> which walks you thru a lot of the features.

In addition to using GMap to search for information, you can use it to prepare Trip Report waypoints. Many of the help pages concerning GMap are under "Writing Trip Reports".

GMap Tutorial
General tutorial introducing GMap   Review Date:2016.09.23

Find a Road using GMap
How to find a road when you don't know it's name.   Review Date:2015.10.08

Get single waypoint from Gmap
How to get individual waypoints for trip reports from GMap.   Review Date:2018.06.10

GMap Draw and Save - Details
How to Click..Click..Click a set of waypoints on the map, then cut and paste the whole set into trip report.   Review Date:2018.06.10

Display .kml file in GMap
Translate the kml file to a .gpx then upload to Waypoint Working Files   Review Date:2017.12.20