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You can upload track logs from your GPS to Bivouac, to help get waypoints for your trip report.

Translate Track Log to a gpx file
Do you know how to translate a Track Log into a gpx file?   2016.09.22

Upload from a Smart Phone
Upload a gpx file from a smart phone GPS app to a bivouac waypoints field   2016.03.22

Upload from a Garmin
Upload a track log from a Garmin and translate to Bivouac waypoints format.   2015.10.08

Upload Raw Gpx
Upload a Gpx track log to Waypoint Working File   2016.09.16

Get Bivouac waypoints from Gpx file
Get Bivouac waypoints from a gpx file already on your computer   2016.09.19

Insert Waypoint Working File
How to insert a waypoint working file.   2016.09.20