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Editors can insert or update road and trail records. Changing the descriptions is fairly straightforward. Changing the waypoints involves knowing how to use GMap Draw and Save. Before editing roads, please glance through the <a href=PgxPg.asp?PgxId=41>Road Editors Manual</a>.

Insert New Road or Trail
How do I insert new roads and trails not in Bivouac database?   Review Date:2016.09.16

Get Road Waypoints from a Gpx File
Assuming you've got a .gpx file on your computer, how do you get bivouac road waypoints from it?   Review Date:2016.09.21

Get Road Waypoints From GMap using Draw and Save
Specialized instructions to get road or trail waypoints from GMap.   Review Date:2018.06.10

About Junction Codes
How to insert important road and trail junctions into road plans.   Review Date:2016.09.15