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Trip Reports #4 Back to Category List

Inserting trip reports is the most complex because it involves 3 things:

 1. Editing the trip report
 2. Creating waypoints (using GMap or GPS)
 3. Uploading photos

Insert Trip Report
Do you know how to enter a skeleton trip report (with just one waypoint?   Review Date:2016.09.23

Update Trip Report
How to edit a report that has already been inserted.   Review Date:2016.07.09

View help messages on forms
Do you know about "Field Help" on update forms?   Review Date:2016.07.19

Get Trip Waypoints from GMap - Basic
GMap Draw and Save instructions that are specific to Trip Reports.   Review Date:2019.11.01

Get Trip Waypoints from GPS
How do I get trip waypoints from a GPS or a .gpx file?   Review Date:2019.06.07

Write trip reports on Macbook Pro
What differences are there when using a Macbook Pro rather than a PC?   Review Date:2014.05.21

Delete Trip Report
How can a normal author delete a trip report? For example, if I accidentally insert a trip report twice?   Review Date:2015.10.06

Using Waypoint Working Files
How to use a waypoints working file to store test waypoints, or to look at some waypoints someone else has prepared for you.   Review Date:2016.05.04

Avoid junk characters from MS Word
How to avoid special characters when exporting from Microsoft word.   Review Date:2013.11.04

Advanced Trip Waypoints using GMap
Advanced notes regarding waypoint preparation with GMap   Review Date:2019.05.20

Convert UTM to Lat-Long
Convert UTM Grid reference to lat-long, especially when When a paper map starts the 2 digit grid reference numbers over again at 00, you must convert waypoints in 2 batches.   Review Date:2013.05.14