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Inserting trip reports is the most complex because it involves 3 things:

 1. Editing the trip report
 2. Creating waypoints (using GMap or GPS)
 3. Uploading photos

Insert Trip Report
Do you know how to enter a skeleton trip report (with just one waypoint?   2016.09.23

Update Trip Report
How to edit a report that has already been inserted.   2016.07.09

View help messages on forms
Do you know about "Field Help" on update forms?   2016.07.19

Get Trip Waypoints from GMap
GMap Draw and Save instructions that are specific to Trip Reports.   2017.02.08

Get Trip Waypoints from GPS
How do I get trip waypoints from a GPS or a .gpx file?   2015.10.04

Write trip reports on Macbook Pro
What differences are there when using a Macbook Pro rather than a PC?   2014.05.21

Delete Trip Report
How can a normal author delete a trip report? For example, if I accidentally insert a trip report twice?   2015.10.06

Using Waypoint Working Files
How to use a waypoints working file to store test waypoints, or to look at some waypoints someone else has prepared for you.   2016.05.04

Avoid junk characters from MS Word
How to avoid special characters when exporting from Microsoft word.   2013.11.04

Convert UTM to Lat-Long
Convert UTM Grid reference to lat-long, especially when When a paper map starts the 2 digit grid reference numbers over again at 00, you must convert waypoints in 2 batches.   2013.05.14