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You can download roads and trails from Bivouac to your GPS. This is done by .gpx files. Bivouac produces a variety of gpx files which you then import into your GPS.

Download all roads in 50 km radius to Google Earth
Use KMLForm to upload all the roads and trails within 50 km radisu to Google Earth   Review Date:2020.02.12

An Introduction to GPS Data transfer
Read this first!! It is the master document for all .gpx downloads and uploads.   Review Date:2019.02.28

Download Bivouac map info to Smartphone GPS
Download a set roads, trails and peaks to your smartphone based GPS program. Eg: Backcountry Navigator   Review Date:2016.07.20

Download one road to your Garmin GPS
How can I download a track log for a trail onto my GPS?   Review Date:2014.08.05

Download to Smartphone using Radius Guide
How to overlay bivouac trails on smartphone topo maps.   Review Date:2015.07.30

List of Gpx Links in Bivouac
Types of .gpx file that are available in Bivouac   Review Date:2018.11.09

Download multiple roads to GPS
Rather than downloading one road or trail at a time, download a whole set.   Review Date:2014.08.06

Download to Garmin GPS
Download a road, trail or trip to your GPS   Review Date:2015.10.05

Downloading Trip Waypoints from Bivouac
Download waypoints for someone else's trip report.   Review Date:2016.10.03