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Wilderness Navigation Handbook   Lister
Author(s): Fred Touche
Edition: 1st
Publication Year: 2004
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Touche Publishing
ISBN: 0-9732527-0-7 . 200 pages . List Price: CA$22.95, US$17.95
Region: Multi-Region
Book Reviews: 0
Publishers Description: The wilderness navigation handbook is a comprehensive guide for finding your way in the wilderness. Both beginner and advanced topics are described in great detail with the help of examples and 170 illustrations.

This book clarifies what the mysterious stuff written in the margins of a map or chart is all about, and goes on to describe the workings of a compass, altimeter, GPS, and sextant. You are then shown how to navigate in the real world with these tools, used individually or in combination with each other. Factors that cause tools and techniques to fail are also dealt with extensively. You will find out why your altimeter often shows the wrong elevation, why your GPS position is sometimes way off, and why the sun usually points in an unexpected direction. The last part of the book deals exclusively with practical navigation and includes 21 real life scenarios.

Special topics include using the moon to find directions, using stars to find your position, measuring boiling water temperature to find your elevation, map projections, map datums, great circle routes, and a complete explanation of the UTM/UPS grid system. There is also an index and a detailed table of contents.

There are nine chapters in this book. Click the links below to view a sample page from each chapter in pdf format: <pre> (1) <a href=img/gde/330_Map.pdf>Maps</a> (2) <a href=img/gde/330_Compass.pdf>Compass</a> (3) <a href=img/gde/330_Altimeter.pdf>Altimeter</a> (4) <a href=img/gde/330_GPS.pdf>GPS</a> (5) <a href=img/gde/330_Celestial.pdf>Celestial navigation</a> (6) <a href=img/gde/330_Natural.pdf>Natural navigation</a> (7) <a href=img/gde/330_communications.pdf>Emergency communication</a> (8) <a href=img/gde/330_Practical.pdf>Practical navigation</a> (9) <a href=img/gde/330_Scenario.pdf>Scenarios</a></pre>

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