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Mountains of the Coast   Lister
Author(s): John Baldwin
Edition: 1st
Publication Year: 1999
Publisher: Harbour Publishing
ISBN: 1550172131 . 112 pages
Region: BC - Southwest
Placenames: Coast Mountains, Waddington Range
Book Reviews: 3
Publishers Description: Photographs of Remote Corners of the British Columbia's Coast Mountains.

"Beautiful colour photographs depict diverse wilderness settings from rainforests and glaciers, to alpine meadows and icefields. Stories of sudden blizzards and adventurous ski-traverses across icefields give a human context to the remote natural beauty." BC2000 Book Awards.

Book Reviews

Review 1 by Dean Richards on 2010 Feb 11.
The book is divided into 2 main parts: 'On Foot' and 'On Skis'. Mostly photos, with a general overview of the types of trips done, the challenges, and geography of the Coast Mountains, while emphasizing how much was unknown about the region even in midway through the last century. I thoroughly enjoyed it and agree that this book is pure inspiration and I hope one day to be able to look back and say that this was one of the books that helped cement my way of life...

Review 2 by David Campbell on 2008 Dec 31.
I find this book nothing but pure inspiration. The Coast Mountains are still very much the "Unknown Mountains", compared to the national stature the Rocky Mountains receive. The images in this book reveal the varied nature, sheer beauty, and raw wilderness that is the Coast Mountains. The book also tells a story. It isn't just about the mountains, but the journeys that were taken to explore them. John's text is poignent, and captures the sense of wonder, curiosity and discovery which accompanies him on his journeys. I can't recommend this book enough, and it is a must-have for the book shelf of any Canadian mountaineer.

Review 3 by Paul Kubik on 2008 Dec 31.
There was an editorial in the BCMC newsletter January 1984 in which the book was reviewed and characterized as "urbanization of the wilderness". I disagree. My own viewpoint is that a well-written guidebook spurs exploration of new areas.

Update (February 2010): Sorry, I just realized the editorial was referring to Baldwin's guidebook, "Exploring the Coast Range on Skis."