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Trails To Timberline in West Central BC . Lister
Author(s): Einar and Andrew Blix
Edition: 3rd
Publication Year: 2009
Publisher: Fjelltur Books
ISBN: 978-0-9685033-1-7 . 271 pages . List Price: 28.95
Region: BC - North
Book Reviews: 1
Publishers Description: Can be purchased at various stores in Smithers, such as Misty River Books.

Book Reviews

Review 1 by Robin Tivy on 2017 Oct 25.
We bought a copy of this book while in Smithers, and used it to come up with several of the five trips we did in the area. It is a very useful book.

The book covers the area from Kitimat in the southwest to the Babine range in the northeast. It has a map dividing this area into 8 regions:

  Nass Range
  Kitimat Terrace
  Terrace - Skeena Crossing
  Hudson Bay Range
  Rocher Debould Range
  Babine Range South
  Babine Range North
  Telkwa range

The first trip we really used the book for was our trip to [Trip8572-xx1]. The Cariboo Range is

It doesn't seem to have an index, perhaps because so few peaks had official names. Eg: I wanted to refer back to the useful information we found on the Caribou trails, but had to look through the whole table of contents to find "Caribou Trail South" and "Caribou Trail North". I found that it is under the chapter "Telkwa Range" although the 1:250,000 map shows the Telkwa range ending at the Telkwa river. Caribou is north of the Telkwa river.

Anyway, once you find the correct section, the book was very useful. For every trip, Blix has a black and white photo of the standard 1:50,000 topo map with the trails marked on them. So we were able to co-relate his map with the same 1:50,000 maps that we had on our GPS program. (Backcountry Navigator with the CanMatrix base maps. He gives every trail a 2 or 3 letter code, in this case TR9 and TR10.

The second thing we used was his grid reference for the trailhead. Only problem we had was that his grid reference was a NAD27 UTM grid reference. Since these days, most people use WGS84 Lat-longs, the book could be improved by just giving the lat-long. We had to do a bunch of mental arithmetic at the trailhead to be sure we were talking about the right point, when searching for the old trailhead. (Of course the book is somewhat out of date, but in the absence of any existing bivouac information, was better than nothing.

The book also has detailed driving instructions for many backroads. On our later trip up the Grizzly creek road, Betsy read to me the detailed driving instructions as we navigated through a complex series of turns.