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Keith's Hut #97 (Cerise Creek Hut)
Type: Building_Hut Elevation: 1650 m (5413 ft)
Location:   50.34666,-122.41881     50:20:48, -122:25:08   10U 541352 5577336
(9 km SW of Duffey Lake). (27 km E of Pemberton). (3 km NE of Mount Matier).
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Lillooet Ranges / Joffre Group

(Keith Flavelle Hut) Located 4 km from parking lot on Duffy Lake Road.. The hut sleeps up to 20 and has a wood stove and outhouse. User charge is by donation. FtrAccess: From the parking lot on the Duffy Lake Road, find the start of the Cerise Creek Trail. Follow the trail to the hut. (4 km, 2 hours). FtrHistory: The hut was built in 1986 in memory of Keith Flavelle, who died on the East Ridge of Mount Logan.
Keiths Hut - December 2003

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2016.03.18 Serguei Okountsev - In good shape, but out of firewood.
The hut is in fantastic shape. Busy, was filled entirely with skiers, upstairs and downstairs. No firewood left.
2015.04.08 Serguei Okountsev - In good condtion Photos
The hut is in good condition. Solar power lights, wooden stove and plenty of room. Nice views too.
Paul Kubik - Environmental concerns (outhouse)
CASBC qoutes Brian Gould, "The Keith Flavelle Hut, in the headwaters of Cerise Creek, is quite popular. Instructional groups in particular have taken to camping instead in a flat area at about 2,000 m on the ENE ridge of Joffre, aka "Motel 66", at GR 405767 (92 J/8). The makeshift latrine there is becoming full. Users of this area are asked to be very aware of environmental impacts, particularly regarding human waste disposal and water quality. Practice "Leave No Trace" ethics at all times. It may be that a proper toilet should be built there, but it will take commitment, time and money to do this. A nanny and kid goat have been frequenting Motel 66, apparently attracted by salt. They are becoming used to humans, which will make them easy prey for hunters. Please don't encourage goats to frequent this area, and if you see any, scare them away with noise - perhaps after a quick picture!"

Placename Photos
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