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Snowspider Hut #957 (Snow Spider Hut)
Type: Building_Hut Elevation: 1535 m (5036 ft)
Location:   50.29889,-122.36333     50:17:56, -122:21:48   10U 545344 5572057
(12 km S of Duffey Lake). (31 km E of Pemberton). (3 km N of Snowspider Mountain).

Tiny club hut sleeps 4. Alpine terrain nearby. Located on the Twin One - Van Horlick pass, right on a little peninsula at the southeast end of the biggest of the 3 tiny lakes on the col. The hut lies in the Van Horlick-Twin One creeks. The hut is quite small and cozy. The far end of the cabin is a loft about 5 feet up, into which 4 people can squeeze. Has foamys. Having any more than 4 people in hut would be crowded, because the extra people would have to sleep somewhere on the floor, and there really isn't any room. It has a heavy metal horizontal cyllinder type stove. During winter the hut is often snow covered and can be difficult to find.

The area around the hut is fairly level and has much deeper snow than most of the approach from Vantage pass. The area is dotted with several small lakes and meadows. There is a nice gentle run up to the base of the climb up Snowspider.

Access: From Duffy Lake Road, ski up Cerise Creek and over Vantage Col (just W of Vantage Peak). Drop down to Twin One lake, then skirt around Mount Duke to the upper Twin One drainage (clearcut). Then go on logging road to most easterly switchback and then hike east to the Twin One- Van Horlick Pass. Can also be reached in summer from logging roads up Twin One Creek or Van Horlick creek.

History: Constructed in 1993 by the Whistler Ski and Kayak Club. Logs were obtained locally, and chimney, stove, etc. packed in from Van Horlick. Photos of construction in cabin.
snowspider hut in early winter

2016.04.11 John Tennant - Still in good shape
Hut is doing well. Lots of firewood, pots, pans, cutlery, cribbage, foamies (a little funky, but what can you do?)... etc. Lots of propane too! Kudos to those who are using it regularly for the great upkeep--we were impressed. My climbing partner and I went in for a one night Snowspider mission this past weekend figuring the snowmobile access from Van Horlick Creek would be all melted out. Our bet paid off and we had the cabin to ourselves. We entered and exited via Vantage Col, but the logging roads up the Twin One Creek access looked like they were in good use these days so could be possible to use this as an alternate ski-in access quite late into the year. Would be great if someone could confirm. (?)
2014.02.09 Fred Touche - In Good Shape
The Snowspider Hut is clean and in good condition with enough fire wood to last the winter. This hut is now routinely used by snowmobilers.
2010.10.16 Chris Nott - Good camping in meadows to the north
The meadows 100m to the north of the cabin offer great camping when the bugs are dead and it's a good 5C warmer there than at the cabin.
2007.08.16 Robin Tivy - Not much use in summer
We stayed in the hut to avoid the fierce bugs. There is a screen which fits over the door, but even then, some get in. According to the log, the last party in was April. Most people don't say how they got in, but most of them are either in fall, or spring. I imagine they can get to fairly close to the cabin by snowmobile. The cabin is really well built. I don't imagine it will be overrun by people who are self propelled, since in winter it is pretty far, and in summer, the roads are fast disappearing. See Trip Report
2006.04.05 Blair Mitten - Snowspider Hut
The propane tank for the stove is maybe a quarter full. Firewood in hut. South facing logged slopes climbing from Twin One Creek are starting to get isothermic, very soft later in the day.
2006.02.14 Stewart Douglas - drawn into the web
It was a busy one at the cabin this weekend! We arrived on friday and joined a party of 3 who had arrived on thursday. Later that night a group of 4 came in from Van Horlick. The stove had no fuel but everything else was in place and we had a great time. Seems like this cabin is getting busier in the winter.
2005.12.18 Robin Tivy - Snowspider Lair revisited
Skied in via Vantage col, took 2 days. Cabin is in good shape. Stove works well, has thick foamy on loft. Loft holds 4 people. From logbooks, it seems there is about one party visiting the cabin a week. Many parties come in from Van Horlick.
2004.03.19 Stewart Douglas - snowspider lair
Travelled up via Twin one creek. Trying to find this hut in the winter was fun, especially with darkness falling as well as the snow. Thank goodness for a gps and the chimney poking out through the snow. Well stocked, fun times.

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