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Wabasso Campground #6552
Type: Camp_Car
Location:   52.76517,-117.98817     52:45:55, -117:59:17   11U 433325 5846606
(17 km S of Maligne Canyon). (14 km SE of Jasper).

Wabasso Campground contains 228 campsites. Amenities include picnic tables, water stations, flush toilets, power, sheltered camp kitchens with wood burning cook stoves, playground, garbage containers, recycling bins, sani dump and fire pits. Fire wood is available when purchasing a fire permit. The campground consists of 4 loops and a tents only section. Several of the sites back onto the Athabasca River providing open views towards the valley however the campsites are all open to each other with little to no privacy. The forest here seems stressed with little to no new growth creating a desolate look.

2017.09.07 Greg Jones - Big RV like experience. Danger trees abound Photos
Initialized. This is one of those huge PC campgrounds. The spots were not bad, but there was a bit of wind and a tree actually came down very close to the trailer we were renting. Not great. The next day PC staff were surveying the damage and I walked around and was a bit astounded at the number of danger trees close to campsites (we came in the dark the previous evening). The PC staff members encouraged me to voice my concerns as they do not get enough staffing or funding to do an adequate job. They handed me one of those short pencils and a letter that looked like it was created on a typewriter, and told me to fill it out and send it snail mail with my concerns when i got home. I walked away feeling like I had stepped back in time to 1986.

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