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Buntzen Lake #528
Type: Lake Elevation: 123 m (404 ft)
Location:   49.34987,-122.85887     49:21:00, -122:51:32   10U 510250 5466360
(13 km S of Head of Indian Arm). (4 km N of Anmore).

Located 2 km east of Indian Arm. Buntzen Lake is a 3 km long. The lake was partially created by a hydro dam at the north end, which has an outlet going down to two hydro stations on Indian Arm; only one of these is functional now. Buntzen Lake has various hiking trails around it, and up onto the ridge separating it from Indian Arm. It is a popular area for easy Vancouver day hikes. You can also swim in the lake. The road that goes north from the lake can be followed down to Indian Arm.

See also: Buntzen Lake Trail maps.

Access: Via paved road through Port Moody. History: The Buntzen Lake power development was built to supply Vancouver's electric street railway and interurban systems, which were among the very first in North America, indeed in the world - thanks to the abundant local rainfall and terrain differentials, which made hydroelectric power the affordable choice over coal-generation etc in this region. The Buntzen development provided the bulk of Vancouver's and New Westminster's (they were separate cities then) electrical power until the completion of the Stave Falls and Ruskin power development in (respectively) the 1920s and 1930.

Buntzen Lake has turned into another sort of economic engine for the province in recent decades - as a set for innumerable movies and TV series. Its use as a wilderness-lake location is partly due to its close proximity to the core of the province's film industry (any farther out and union surcharges kick in!). Its most memorable uses have been on X-Files (where it's been used as lakes everywhere from what was supposed to be Maine right through to - of all places - Iowa) and The Highlander (remember MacLeod's "sacred island"?).

2016.12.16 Simon Chesterton - Lower Trails Snow Damage
Trails around and near Buntzen have many blockages due to snow laden trees (vine maple etc.) and bush collapsing across them. BC Hydro crews are working on clearing them but damage was extensive (the park was closed part of last week to clear the access road and parking lots). The Halvor Lunden Trail above the powerlines was in good shape but the access trail/Academy Trail had numerous blockages along with the route from overflow parking to the south end of the lake.

Trip Reports
47 2018.12.05 Hiked abbreviated Diez Vista Loop Klaus Haring
42 2018.11.17 Hike to Little Horn Klaus Haring
51 2018.11.11 Dilly Dally Loop (Buntzen Lake) Robin Tivy
20 2014.06.02 Tangled Summit Speed Ascent Brett Logan
48 2003.10.25 Indian Arm Trail (East Side) Recce Don Funk

Placename Photos
5 157 Lookout from Dilly Dally Trail Vida Morkunas