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A.W. County Park #5216
Type: Camp_Car
Location:   40.26887,-124.23037     40:16:08, -124:13:49   10T 395388 4458326
(8 km SE of Petrolia).
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range

Very popular campground with locals (though not as popular as the campground at the mouth of the Mattole River). It's at a bend in the river and the campground is set in a huge open area with very spacious sites mostly filled with lots of cars and RVs. The sites all have picnic tables and fire rings. Bathrooms are shared toilets with separate private showers (quarters required). There are lots of places in the back of the campground to walk down to the river and go for a swim. The one on the right hand side doesn't have a beach but has a rock you can jump off of. The middle one has a nice flat beach area. The left one also has a rock - didn't see if but could hear the kids yelling as they went down.

We were told that it was going to be full for the July 4th weekend but luckily they made room for a bunch of cyclists. We were put at the entrance to the park in a large grassy area. Plenty of room but no picnic table or fire ring. The fire ring wasn't strictly necessary because it was so warm. But a picnic table for cooking would have been nice. The ranger came by later and offered us a folding table he'd forgotten about - perfect!

It's $5 per person for "hike/bike" site. Generally it's $8 per person for biking in and staying at a regular site but since we didn't have a real site with amenities we were able to negotiate down. Frankly I don't think he really cared about the fee as long as we stopped bothering him and didn't cause any trouble. It's a self-registration fee system.

Trip Reports within 1 km
56 2018.03.03 Vancouver to California Road/Hiking Trip Robin Tivy

2018.03.13 Robin Tivy - null
We drove into this campsite and had a look around. It looked quite civilized. A large grassy field with nice washrooms, etc. and access to the river. Only two other trailers there at this time. Rates (on sign) $25 per vehicle $5 for extra vehicle $10 per person hike or bike in See Trip Report