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Roe Creek Cabin #2 #5138 (Roe2)
Type: Building_Hut Elevation: 880 m (2887 ft)
Location:   49.97822,-123.18755     49:58:42, -123:11:15   10U 486553 5536226
(13 km W of Garibaldi Lake). (22 km SW of Whistler). (6 km NE of Cloudburst Mountain).

This is the northernmost of the two old cabins just off the Roe lake road. There is a small lake nearby on the map, A small obscure path leads to it, marked by an orange flag. You leave the Roe Main just north of the new 4 km road sign. Note that these road signs are from the highway, not from the start of the Roe Creek main.

This cabin has been there for decades and is periodically adopted by somebody who fixes it up. It is currently useable with a chesterfield and wood stove. It is not in a good location for skiing or alpine rambling, but is a great destination for a rainy winter day for kids, as a consolation prize if the VOC Brew hut is impossible to reach.

2017.11.20 Christian Veenstra - It was well appreciated indeed!
Just noticed this old update by Robin - I didn't realize the cabin was an "in the system" sort of cabin. It was well appreciated indeed, and made all the difference in the world for my young daughter!
2017.11.20 Robin Tivy - Cabin in good shape, woodstove workable
We were trying to reach the Brew Lake cabin, and had skied all day in the rain and sleet. We failed to get even to Brew Lake amid heavy snow. On our retreat, we overtook the party of VOC luminary Christian Veenstra who was also turning back in defeat. Christian had a small child on skis with him who was wanting to see a cabin. So when we got to the turnoff for the cabin, Steve left his skis at the road and hiked into inspect the cabin. He said it was in reasonable shape. So he drew an arrow in the snow. So the small child on skis might see a magic cabin after all. Perhaps a visit to the magical deep forest cabin would be a consolation.

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