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Mowson Pond Rec Site #4972
Type: Camp_Car
Location:   50.90922,-122.75080     50:54:33, -122:45:03   10U 517520 5639759
(39 km NW of Seton Portage).

BC Rec site at east end of Mowson Pond.
  Fees: none
  Campsites: 7
Mowson Pond with campsite

2020.06.12 Chris Nott - Get your water elsewhere
Picturesque camping spot and great for wildlife (deer, beaver, loons, ducks) but the water tastes like a pond. Bring your own or get some out of one of the creeks further up the Tyaughton Lake rd. Most sites are fairly open so when the afternoon winds pick up, they bring a lot of sand and dust into any tents.
2017.07.15 Lucas Earl - Bears in area
Considered staying here until we pulled in and saw a grizzly w/ two cubs in one of the occupied campsites (tenants were not present). Ended up staying at the Gun Creek Rec Site down on Carpenter Lake instead. A good reminder to make sure you keep your food in the car in this area. Otherwise, looks like a nice spot but would be hot on really sunny days.

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