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Brandywine Catski Cabin #4517 (Powder Mountain Snowmobile cabin)
Type: Building_Private Elevation: 1280 m (4199 ft)
Location:   50.08277,-123.16483     50:04:58, -123:09:53   10U 488208 5547846
(11 km SW of Rainbow Lake). (15 km W of Whistler). (10 km SE of Mount Cayley).
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges

The Brandywine cat ski cabin is a log cabin, with a large porch area. It belonged to the Powder Mountain Snowmobile Club. In 2013, the cabin was locked with an electronic combination lock on it. The cabin is located just above the fork where the Metal Dome Spur leaves the Brandywine meadows Spur. You can see just barely see the location of the cabin on the Google Maps.
Cabin from upper spur road
On Sunday Oct 1, the cabin burned to the ground. See bulletins.

Trip Reports within 1 km
50 2015.11.08 Brandywine Summit Early season ski trip Robin Tivy
48 2013.12.01 Ski Metal Dome from Brandywine FSR Robin Tivy
35 2013.05.05 Metal Dome - South Ridge on snowshoes Tim Gage

2017.10.01 Robin Tivy - Cabin burns to the ground Photos
As you can see from the photos, the cabin definitely burned to the ground on Sunday. Piotr Forysinski says: we parked next to the Brandywine Meadows (snowmobilers?) hut at about 0830 hours, and were off at 0855, having chatted to a hunter on an ATV for a while. We came back at 1830, and to our disbelief, the hut was gone, with only some blackened, mostly-burned framing remaining - see attached photo. The hut was most certainly there when we got there in the morning - in fact there was a silver Subaru parked in front of it, with a double bike rack on the back, and there was a blue water jug on the porch, which led me to believe there were people sleeping inside. I wanted to show Krista the hut from the inside, but we figured we would go inside when we got back in the evening. The hunter got off his ATV and headed towards the hut as we started hiking. He had talked about tracking deer in the meadows early that morning, when it was still dark. At 1830, when we got back, the hut looked as it does in the attached photo. However, there was zero smoke, and no embers left - somebody had clearly poured a lot of water over it, and the ground around was soaked. The Subaru was mysteriously moved to the intersection of the roads some 100 m further down, but there was nobody around. The Subee did have a mysterious card hanging off its rear-view mirror - something from a towing company. We heard nothing during the day, and saw no smoke either. I briefly heard a helicopter at some point during the day, but I'm pretty sure it was far off. Other reports say it was a chimney fire, not vandalism.
Steve Grant - Cabin Ownership?
Snowmobilers I talked to in Brandywine Meadows said the cabin belongs to the cat skiing operation, not snowmobilers. I had been under the impression it was a snowmobile cabin.
2013.12.04 Paul Kubik - "locked" door can be pulled open
On an earlier trip we were able to just pull open the door because the frame was warped. Also, it is illegally locked because the cabin was built withouth permission. If it had been properly approved it would likely have been required to be open to the public. One time we went in there it was a typical snowmobile shit heap. There was a bar area and all the shits had tossed their empties behind it. It was unbelievable. There must have been hundreds if not thousands of empties. The next time we went in it had been cleaned up. I think someone cashed in the empties and bought a new snowmobile.
2013.12.04 Robin Tivy - Ate lunch on porch of cabin
We ate lunch on the porch of the cabin, to get out of the snow. The cabin itself is locked with a high tech electronic combination lock. Cabin looks pretty clean, no bullet holes in the door like some of the other snowmobile cabins. See Trip Report