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Chek Canyon Recreation Site #4406 (Check Canyon)
Type: Camp_Car Elevation: 460 m (1509 ft)
Location:   49.91017,-123.15594     49:54:37, -123:09:21   10U 488803 5528654
(10 km W of Garibaldi Lake). (16 km N of Brackendale). (6 km SE of Cloudburst Mountain).
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges

The Chek Canyon Recreation Site is a rock climbing area on the Conroy Creek FSR, which is just off Highway 99, between Squamish and Whistler. It is supposedly one of the busiest climbing areas in BC. It is predominantly a sport climbing area and includes over 100 routes, some of which are the hardest in the province. In 2009, after lobbying by us and the Squamish Access Society, Chek was given Designated Recreation Site status by the Provincial Government.

 The area has five or 6 picnic tables and an outhouse. There appear to be two separate parking areas on the Conroy FSR. The first one is on the north side, and then shortly after, you come to the T intersection with the main one. The Conroy Creek FSR goes north from there, drivable till km 2.0 in 2018. There is a sign at the T intersection that says Chek Creek Recreation Site.

There are numerous videos and info about it in Google.

Trip Reports within 1 km
58 2013.05.10 Circumnavigate Table Mountain on Skis Robin Tivy
48 2013.04.15 Ski Traverse - Conroy Creek to Swift Creek via Old Growth Valley Robin Tivy
48 2013.03.03 Clinker Ridge via Conroy Creek Robin Tivy
57 2012.04.21 Conroy to Clinker - Ski Trip up Conroy Creek to Clinker Peak Paul Kubik
25 2001.05.20 Mount Price from West Route Klaus Haring

2018.03.17 Martin Ortmayr - New Campsites Photos
It looks like there are about 20 new rather closely-spaced together campsites here now. There was one tent here on the way up Saturday Morning and about 10 cars with a few people camping on the way down, I guess they were rock climbing because we didn't see anyone up the road.
Robin Tivy - Outhouse, 10-15 picnic tables
This area now has 10 or 15 picnic tables and a substantial toilet building. It also has 3 campsites.
2013.04.15 Robin Tivy - Parking lot used by 10- 15 cars
We parked here while doing the ski traverse from here to Warren glacier. When we came back to pick up our car at 7:30 sunday, there were still 2 other cars there, belonging to rock climbers. One of the rock climbers said there had been 10 or 15 cars there in the afternoon. So it is well used. See Trip Report