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P3 Whistler Olympic Parking #4376
Type: Parking Elevation: 820 m (2690 ft)
Location:   50.14025,-123.11347     50:08:25, -123:06:48   10U 491891 5554231
(4 km SW of Rainbow Lake). (11 km W of Whistler). (6 km SW of Rainbow Mountain).

This area is marked as P3 on the WOP maps. It is one of the three "Day Lodge" parking lots. See Backcountry Access Rules.


Trip Reports
59 2019.04.12 About That Ferry: Almost Rainbow Mountain By Senior Citizens Sandra McGuinness
48 2019.02.17 Puma South via Marvellous ramps Again Robin Tivy
37 2019.02.11 Rainbow Mountain via Hanging Lake in Frightful cold Robin Tivy
37 2018.09.28 Hiking a longer Madeley Lake Loop Klaus Haring
43 2018.04.22 Puma S1 Spring Ski Ascent Robin Tivy
52 2017.12.03 Hanging Lake - Beverly Creek Loop Robin Tivy
57 2017.02.26 Hanging Lake to Beverly Creek (via Spectrum Pass) Robin Tivy
49 2016.03.11 Hanging Lake, Gin Peak amid the blasting snow Robin Tivy
48 2016.01.31 Beverley Lake Ski while heavy rain in Vancouver Robin Tivy
49 2014.02.16 Another Puma South Peak Attempt Ski Trip Robin Tivy
51 2013.02.17 Hanging Lake and Gin Peak from Callaghan Ski Area Robin Tivy
48 2013.02.09 Rainbow Mountain from Alexander Falls Bill Maurer
40 2013.01.27 Puma South Peak Attempt in poor weather Robin Tivy
49 2013.01.12 Rainbow Mountain via Beverley Creek Paul Kubik
66 2010.06.05 Clawing the Thin Ice: Ring-Callaghan Ski Traverse Gili Rosenberg
56 2010.05.09 Puma South Peak (from Callaghan Country Parking Lot) Robin Tivy
48 2009.04.18 Puma Peak - Ski Ascent Via Puma S1 Steve Grant
51 2009.04.04 Puma South Peak Via Marvelous Ramps (From Biathlon) Steve Grant
40 2009.02.01 Attempt on Puma Peak via Beverley Creek Robin Tivy
25 2008.04.06 Beverley Creek Route Exploration and Flagging (Callaghan Valley) Scott Nelson
42 2008.02.03 Blue Steel Pose: Beverley Creek to Beverley Lake and Beyond Scott Nelson
62 2004.04.24 Getting our fair share of abuse: Ring Mountain via Callaghan Lake trail Robin Tivy