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Glacier House hotel site #435
Type: Feature_Other
Location:   51.26200,-117.49200     51:15:43, -117:29:31   11U 465672 5679076
(37 km W of Golden). (4 km W of Mount Sir Donald).

A National Historic Site, showing the foundations and a few mechanical items such as boilers that are all that is left of the grand old hotel that introduced the world to the Canadian Alps. This hotel was the 'Glacier House' in Glacier National Park. As the CPR was finishing the transcontinental railway in the 1880's they realized the value of the magnificent scenery that the mountains of BC and Alberta offered. It was decided to 'import the tourists', and for that hotels were required. Originally the house was mostly a dining station, and a rather extravagant one, with six or seven small rooms to rent. But over time it was expanded on almost a yearly basis until it reached its maximum size in 1904 when the second annex was opened. It was during this time, with the Swiss guides permanently in residence, that Glacier House became the first centre for alpinism in North America. At its maximum the site boasted a number of structures: the original hotel and dining station as well as the two expansions to the hotel, the guides' house, the servants' quarters. a bowling alley, a billiards hall and an observation deck. Almost as soon as the second annex was opened the CPR had an architect draw up plans for another addition, and while the foundations were put in, construction was never completed. Interestingly enough the CPR had plans to replace Glacier House with an entirely new hotel by 1926, but unfortunately times had changed and this was never to be. As the engines pulling the rail cars improved it was possible to pull dining cars along, thus greatly reducing the traffic to the Glacier House dining room. Because of the massive avalanches that wreaked havoc on the track every winter, the Connaught Tunnel was completed in 1916; this caused the trains to bypass the Glacier House. So, in 1925 after almost 40 years in service, Glacier House closed its doors to the public forever. And in 1929 the hotel that had been a base for many a climber and explorer was demolished, leaving the forests almost empty until 1962 when the TCH was opened through Rogers Pass.


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