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Callaghan Country Parking Lot #4018
Type: Parking Elevation: 800 m (2625 ft)
Location:   50.13678,-123.12956     50:08:12, -123:07:46   10U 490741 5553847
(5 km SW of Rainbow Lake). (12 km W of Whistler). (7 km SW of Rainbow Mountain).

To use this lot, see WOP Backcountry Access Rules. To see latest

Labelled as "P" beside "Alexander Falls Day Lodge" on 2012 PDF map. Don't confuse this with the actual "Alexander Lodge Recreation site" which is further south. Located just west of Callaghan valley Road. A large parking lot, could hold 30 cars. Plowed in winter. You cannot park overnight.

Callaghan Country parking lot provides parking for Callaghan Lake and Telemagique Ridge. Use Alexander Falls Parking Lot for overnight parking. As of 2018, it is gated in April.

Access: From Squamish, drive N on Highway 99 for 40km, then turn right (west) onto the new paved Callaghan Valley Road. Drive 9.3 km up this road. At the end the Whistler Olympic Park will be gated off. At this point, turn left, and cross the bridge over Madeley Creek to a large parking lot of Callaghan Country. Park here. Visible on Satellite pictures.

This parking lot is just over the bridge over Madeley Creek, and at the start of the Upper Callagan Valley road. Once the cross country ski season is over in April, there is usually a gate on the bridge. However, in April there is usually lots of room to park right at the turnoff. This gate must eventually be open to provide access to the Callaghan Lake park in summer.

2018.04.23 Robin Tivy - Gated in April
In the past you could park in this parking lot after the regular cross country season ended. But yesterday there is a gate on the bridge over Madeley creek that prevents you from using this parking lot. I think that is a permanent thing in April. However that gate must eventually open for summer, because it is blocking access to the upper Callaghan road leading to the park at Callaghan lake. See Trip Report
2012.12.06 Scott Nelson - No overnight parking
Overnight parking is not permitted here any more. Overnight users must park at Alexander Falls Recreation Site 300m south.
2012.03.08 Scott Nelson - Plowed for 30 cars, no gate
2011.10.25 Robin Tivy - Parking lot free, and overnight parking OK
The Federation of Mountain Clubs posts the following info, for 2011-2012: Callaghan Country parking lot provides parking for Callaghan Lake and Telemagique Ridge. This lot is accessible 24/7 and is never locked. Overnight parking is permitted.

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