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Valentine Lake #3975
Type: Lake
Location:   50.35959,-122.62047     50:21:35, -122:37:14   10U 526996 5578682
(22 km W of Duffey Lake). (14 km E of Pemberton). (8 km SW of Cayoosh Mountain).

Located west of Saxifrage Peak.. A beautiful spot to camp and climb Saxifrage and Cassiope. Lake was named for Brian and Betsy Waddington, who were here on Valentine's day in the 1980's.

Access: The lake is an easy 3-hour hike from the end of the Spetch Creek road.


Trip Reports
43 2007.09.09 Saxifrage Mountain - South East Ridge Tim Gage
32 2005.08.15 Cassiope Peak via South Ridge Route Chris Kiely
58 2004.07.17 Summit Fever: Cassiope and Saxifrage via Spetch Creek Robin Tivy

Placename Photos
12 Valentine Lake near Cassiope Robin Tivy
9 Cassiope Peak from the West Mike Peel