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Mud Lake Rec Site #3964
Type: Camp_Car
Location:   52.13249,-119.24694     52:07:57, -119:14:49   11U 346212 5778155
(5 km NE of Blue River).

Located at the northwest end (outlet) of Mud Lake.. Mud Lake is actually a beautiful glacial lake. The Mud Lake rec site is an ideal place to crash overnight, when en-route to mountain trips in the Blue river or Valemount area. It is very simple, with just a boat launch, and a grassy pull off where you can put up a couple of tents. There are two picnic tables, and a trail to a nearby outhouse. Beyond this point there is a trail on the old road that goes to the falls (and perhaps to the preserve at the east end of Mud Lake).

Access: From Blue River, drive 3.1 km north, and turn off at the sign for the "Amazing River Expeditions" (you can't miss it!). Follow the road eastward, past their headquarters, then keep left and follow the road up a hill. Just after the 2 km post is a fork, stay right, and it will take you back down to the lake. There are two access points - the first one is just a boat launch, for camping you want the second one.
Two picnic tables, boat launch and Mud lake in back

From the campsite, there is a wonderful trail going east along the lake shore to Parbury falls.

2019.09.01 Robin Tivy - Stayed in campsite, explored trail Photos
We again stayed in this wonderful campsite. The name "Mud Lake" is misleading, the "mud" is actually glacial silt. There is no mud on the shore, only rocks. Water temperature is cold however. I would have gone for a morning swim, but both the lake and surrounding area was cold. There is now only one picnic table, whereas 9 years ago there were two. There was nobody there. The lake was completely flat. In the evening a fairly quiet tour boat went up the other side of the lake, up to the far eastern end of the lake, and came back within the hour before sunset. We initially considered camping beside the picnic table, but it turned out to be much nicer for a tent on the grassy patch on the other side of the road. The outhouse is still operational. In addition, there is a fairly good canoe chained to a metal post that belongs to a nearby camp. The sign does everything possible to discourage paddling, implying that motorized boats have priority, etc. "Mud lake is generally a crowded waterway with frequent groups of motorized boats travelling the length of the lake... See
Trip Report
2010.08.27 Robin Tivy - Excellent bivouac site for trips around Blue River or Valemount
For years we have searched for a good free spot to car bivouac when doing mountain trips from Vancouver to the Valemount area. What is desirable is to get a spot that is at least 2 km from the railroad tracks. Finally we discovered this spot. We had it all to ourselves, I don't think it is used much, other than as a boat launch. We drove past the "River Expeditions" headquarters, and from here the road climbed, but at a fork at about 2 km, we stayed right and went back down to the lakeshore. There were several roads leading down to the lake. The first one was not much good, but the second one had two picnic tables, and a place to pitch the tent. There was no sign that anyone had been there for a while. Probably the only time it is used is for the boat launch. We set up the two tents at a grassy pull off just north of the road. Although it was getting dark, Betsy and I then started for a quick explore of the trail going east along the lake. The trail is supposed to go to Parburg Falls, but we didn't get that far before it got dark. Next morning we noticed a trail to an outhouse on our way out. See Trip Report

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