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North Creek Cabin #3856
Type: Building_Hut Elevation: 1240 m (4068 ft)
Location:   50.64552,-123.23647     50:38:44, -123:14:11   10U 483281 5610434
(11 km N of Mouth of North Creek). (4 km NW of Mount Delilah).

Large Himmelsbach style hut built by the BCMC. Sleeps 10 people. Reservations are required and are made through the BCMC website, $10 per night for non-members(2019). Hut contains a two burner white gas stove, wood stove, 2 lanterns, benches and tables. The hut is currently kept unlocked. BCMC parties and BCMC members have priority use of the hut.

The club relies on the honour system for hut booking. Fees go towards cabin and trail maintenance. The fees are low and the payment system is automated so there is no justification for not paying them.

Access 2019: Easiest summer access is by using the new North Creek trail, which starts at the North Creek Main East FSR after walking part of the Z.29 Spur

Access in winter is usually by helicopter from Pemberton.

2020.09.12 Andrew Wong - Closed Sept-Dec 2020 due to bear attack in area
Per BCMC announcement, North Creek Cabin is closed until December 2020 due to this week's bear attack and continued presence in the area. The BC Conservation Officer Service is recommending people stay away from the North Creek Trail until further notice. See 2020.09.13 update from Conservation Officer Service: GB Attack Update The Conservation Officer Service Predator Attack Team has determined the Grizzly Bear reacted defensively, and no further action will be taken at this time. The PAT flew into the remote site near #Pemberton, via helicopter, as part of the investigation. The 36-year-old man had been hiking slightly ahead of the group when he spotted a bear cub and was suddenly attacked by a sow grizzly. The grizzly bit his leg and hand. The victim suffered non-life threatening injuries but is expected to undergo surgery. With dense brush and heavy berry bushes along the North Creek Trail, the COS is warning the public to avoid the area at this time. Signage has been posted at the trailhead. The attack took place near the North Creek Cabin, which the BC Mountaineering Club has voluntarily closed for the reminder of the fall season. The COS strongly urges anyone venturing into the backcountry to take precautions in case of wildlife encounters. Travel in groups, make noise, be aware of your surroundings and carry bear spray. For more tips, visit WildSafeBC
2019.09.23 Dean Richards - Great hut, rough access, low usage
The trail in is rough and that was after all the improvements this year (the eastside trail is still the preferred access). Took us 6hrs, could take longer depending on the year. Due to the challenges in access, the trail is unlikely to ever get frequent use, and the access could change substantially, so make sure to get updated info. The hut itself is great and we'd wished we'd been able to stay a second night. Very clean, no evidence of mice in the few months since someone had been in before us. Kitchen was well-outfitted, though currently there's only two forks. There are no easy, obvious objectives from the hut, though there are some routes that have been explored and are detailed in writing at the hut. The logbook went back to 2006 and shows roughly 2-5 winter trips per year, almost entirely fly-ins, though with some people dropping in on longer traverses as well. For summer usage, it's mostly just BCMC maintenance crews. Aside from them, maybe 0-2 visits per year. Our group was only the 2nd non-maintenance party to sign-in in 4 years. It is possible the usage will increase, with the trail work having been done, and the creek crossings being improved. There were big challenges before, but it's still a rough trail, definitely not family friendly, and several members of our party were in pretty foul moods during parts of the trip do to the difficulty of the hike.

Trip Reports
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27 1999.09.01 North Creek trail clearing - summertime Paul Kubik
46 1999.05.01 North Creek to Pebble Creek ski Paul Kubik

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