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Biathlon Parking Lot #3849 (Biathlon Range Parking Lot)
Type: Parking Elevation: 880 m (2887 ft)
Location:   50.14568,-123.11502     50:08:44, -123:06:54   10U 491782 5554835
(4 km W of Rainbow Lake). (12 km W of Whistler). (6 km SW of Rainbow Mountain).

This is the most northerly of the parking lots in Whistler Olympic Park, just to the right of the traffic circle at the end of the road. (The big lot visible on Satellite view hasn't been plowed since the olympics.) . To use this lot, see WOP Backcountry Access Rules The parking lot is a small, capable of holding a dozen cars. Next to the parking lot is the "Biathlon Technical building". Just northwest of the parking lot is the Biathlon Range itself. The Beverley Creek Winter Trail and Hanging Lake Winter Trail both begin here.

To access Beverley Creek, cross the bridge, ski along the edge of the Olympic biathlon XC trail under the overpass (marked in blue on map) until you get to the northernmost part, then leave the trail and descend 60m down the steep wooded slope to reach the edge of the Madeley Creek Loop at 840m (marked in green on their map). Ski northward along Madeley creek loop till you reach the new bridge over Beverly Creek. Ski quickly across it, off the edge of the groomed track. From here you can head north up Beverley Creek.

To access Hanging Lake, find the start of the Olympic Explorer snowshoe trail north of the penalty loop. This trail follows a narrow exploration road for a bit, then links up with a larger logging road. From here, a marked route route climbs steadily to Hanging Lake. FtrAccess: From Squamish, drive north on Highway 99, turn left (west) onto the Callaghan Valley Road. Drive north, past the huge ski jumps, past the turn to the Day Lodge, to the very end of the road. Park next to the Biathlon Building by the roundabout.

2019.02.21 Robin Tivy - Parked here for Puma S1
We paid the $15/ car backcountry fee and parked at the Biathlon parking lot. It was about 9:00 AM. There was a large Mercedes tour van whose participants were partially blocking the entrance, and already 15 or 20 cars, presumably all backcountry. The regular spots in the lot were already mostly full and we were just able to squeeze into the last spot against the snowbank at the south end of the lot. However I think people park in a row of cars in the center of the lot once all the outside spaces are filled. I guess most were going to Hanging Lake, since we saw no-one on our trip to Puma S1. See Trip Report
2016.02.01 Robin Tivy - Went up Beverley Lake trail from here
As usual, we started from this parking lot, after paying the $16.00 fee at the gate lower down on the road. There were about 10 cars in the lot, all backcountry skiers. See Trip Report
2009.02.05 Robin Tivy - Started from this Parking Lot
We used this parking lot as a starting point for explorations up Beverly Creek. We drove back to the daylodge to get a note from staff, although no-one told us anything. The note said: "Backcountry ski - back at 5:30". In future, you could just write a clear note yourself, the main concern of everybody is that they know not to go searching for you. The main thing is to not hang around the parking lot risking confusing conversations with the staff. Instead, leave your car, and move silently and purposefully over the ski overpass to the north, and disappear into the woods ASAP. See Trip Report

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