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Day Lodge Whistler Olympic Park #3848 (Whistler Nordic Center, WOP, Brandywine Day Lodge)
Type: Building_Lodge Elevation: 880 m (2887 ft)
Location:   50.13915,-123.11369     50:08:21, -123:06:49   10U 491875 5554108
(4 km SW of Rainbow Lake). (11 km W of Whistler). (6 km SW of Rainbow Mountain).

The Whistler Olympic Park (WOP) Day Lodge is a splendid large lodge built for the Olympics. It is labelled as "Brandywine Day Lodge" on Ski Callaghan map (which is available at the lodge). It is the best place to go to ask questions, or if you are track skiing, to eat lunch. It is surrounded by three parking lots P1, P2, P3, but you normally would not park here if you plan to do backcountry skiing. See WOP Backcountry Access Rules.

2013.01.27 Robin Tivy - Tested the new $10/scheme with mixed parties
As you know, as of 2013, the charge is $10 per CAR rather than the old per person charge. The $10 is a parking fee for the car. However what do you do if you have mixed parties, some doing track skiing and some backcountry? Since the people buying cross country tickets can park for free, the parking is paid for. Eg: If you are trying to go up Beverley Creek trail, you might want to drive up to the Biathlon parking lot, drop off the backcountry skier, then drive back down to the day lodge to do track skiing. We went up with 3 cars (9 people) of which each car had 1 back country skier. We drove through the gate, and parked at P3 (by the day lodge) rather than the Biathlon parking lot where you would normally park for the Beverley Creek trail. Being at P3 initially caused some concern with one attendant, but the potential conflict was resolved by the backcountry skiers walking along the edge of trails to the Biathlon parking lot and then skiing north from there to the Beverley Creek trail in the normal way.
2012.04.12 Steve Grant - WOP closed for the season
Whistler Olympic Park has closed for the season, so you don't have to abide by the rules for backcountry access:
2011.11.24 Mitch Sulkers - $50 Season Backcountry Pass
There is still mention of a $50 Season Backcountry Pass on the website, but this doesn't seem to be available online. Didn't see link for overnight parking lot either. Will phone tomorrow to try to get details.
2011.11.24 Scott Nelson - $10 per person
The fee is $10 per person. Parking is included. If your trip falls within normal hours, you can park at any parking lot. If you are going overnight, or planning to return late, you can park at the overnight parking lot located next to the Madeley Loop trail and use the groomed trail for access.
2011.11.23 Steve Grant - $10 per person or for parking?
So this is $10 per person to use the trails a bit, not $10 for parking the vehicle?
2011.11.23 Scott Nelson - Backcountry access for 2011-2012
The $10 fee remains in place this year, but backcountry users will be permitted to use the XC ski trails to reach the backcountry. WOP is now providing a small parking lot outside the main gate for overnight use, or for day users who are expecting to return late.
2009.10.22 Steve Grant - Disruptions for Olympics
According to Sigge's Newsletter for the XC track skiing people: "Opening Day in the Callaghan Valley is ... November 21. Public skiing continues until January 31 and will resume March 1. The final day of skiing at the Whistler Olympic Park will be April 18 with the Callaghan Country trails staying open until May 2. ... The [entire WOP including roads and parking lots, other than some of the trails] will not be open to the public this winter. Access to all of Callaghan Country's recreational trails will be via the Callaghan Country base are which has an expanded parking area." There will be some sort of administration/rental building at the CC base lot. It seems odd that the areas used by the Olympics will not be reopened to the public after the games. Perhaps there is a misprint. No doubt no one has figured out how to deal with backcountry access during this disruption, but it does mean much farther travel to access Puma Peak, Beverly Creek etc. for the entire winter.
2009.10.22 Scott Nelson - Only "competition area" is closed
Only the competition trails are closed for the entire winter. The closed area includes the day lodge, ski jumps, biathlon range, and the surrounding trails. This area is closed for the entire winter for the construction and disassembly of the temporary grand stands where spectators will sit during the Olympic Games. The XC trails going up Madeley Creek and Callaghan Creek will be open for the entire winter, except for the month of Februrary. Parking will be at Alexander Falls. Backcountry access will be open to Beverley Creek, Puma Peak, Madeley alpine and everything up towards Callaghan Lake. However, this year you will need to use the XC trails to get to the Beverley Creek trailhead (and pay the $6 trail fee), as the direct route from the Biathlon Range will be closed off. I guess you could ski up the creekbed parallel to the XC trails if you didn't want to pay the $6. The added distance is about 1.3km each way compared with parking at the Biathlong Range.
2009.04.18 Steve Grant - Answer: As of April 19, hoof it from the yellow gate.
Cross country skiing ends for the year at the Whistler Olympic Park on April 19. Staff told us that after that the yellow gate near the bottom of the switchbacks will be locked. Just north and west of the gate is the Madeley Creek loop XC trail. Presumably this means the checkin protocol is no longer in effect. Staff said: "So you'll still be able to do backcountry trips.", which amounts to their recognition and acceptance that this will be going on. See Trip Report
2009.04.08 Steve Grant - Backcountry Access After End of Ski Season?
What's going to be the access situation when the XC trails close on April 19?
2009.01.26 Scott Nelson - Callaghan Country trails are no longer free
Brad sills contacted me earlier today. The same policy as Whistler Olympic Park now applies at Callaghan Country - $6 to use the groomed trail or free if you don't use the groomed trail. I've updated the wiki page on the VOC site.
2009.01.19 Robin Tivy - Entered A Description
Both Bill Maurer and myself were trying to find instructions on how to access the Callaghan backcountry area yesterday from the Olympic park. Therefore, I inserted the Whistler Olympic Park as a "feature" into the Bivouac database. Bivouac editor Scott Nelson and others have written detailed instructions for backcountry users, which are available on the VOC wiki [a href=]here[/a].
2009.01.19 Scott Nelson - Brad Sills
Brad Sills is the main guy running Callaghan Country - he was probably the one you were talking to. Note the BC Parks website doesn't say anything about what kind of skier you are - if you are skate skiing up to Callaghan Lake you ought to pay the trail grooming fee. I suspect the reason for the low profile and lack of signs is that they don't want nordic XC skiers to know about the free use of the road for backcountry skiers. I don't know the exact reason why we are getting free access up there - it could one or more of the following: 1) BC Parks insists on free access to the park 2) ILMB moved the Canadian Snowmobile Adventures tenure to the south side of Mt Sproat, displacing backcountry skiers out of the area. Callaghan is supposed to be the compensation area, so ILMB might have insisted on the free access provision. 3) Brad doesn't feel right charging backcountry skiers a trail fee for gromming when backcountry skiers don't need the grooming. 4) Brad wants to play nice with the backcountry skier community because a good portion of the overnight stays at the Callaghan Country lodge at Conflict Lake are backcountry skiers. Negative word of mouth is bad for business.
2009.01.19 Bill Maurer - Contacts?
Hi Scott. It was very considerate to park the way you did. I wouldn't have had a spot if you hadn't done that. Do you have names and/or contact info for the managers that are up to speed on the unofficial policy? It would probably help a lot to have their names when dealing with the less informed staff that people are likely to run into when either on the road or trying to arrange for overnight parking. The official provincial parks literature at continues to state the following [i]This upper road to Callaghan Lake is snow covered, not accessible by vehicle and is being groomed for cross-country skiing by the private operator. There is a fee to use the groomed road and trails.[/i]
2009.01.19 Scott Nelson - Callaghan Country BC Access
The two cars parked back to back were our party - we went to Telemagique Lake via a branch road 3km up the Callaghan FSR. We parked like that because the number of spots are limited and we wanted to use up the least amount of space possible. The spot where we parked is the designated parking for backcountry users. I don't think the Callaghan Country customers are supposed to park here. My understanding is that the official policy is that BC skiers get free use of the Callaghan FSR. The managers (at both Callaghan Country and WOP) tend to be up to speed on these things but the lower level staff are often clueless.
2009.01.19 Bill Maurer - Access to Callaghan Country
The route shown on the directions map is not a direct access to either Mt Callaghan, Callaghan Lake, or Callaghan Provincial Park. It involves a climb way up to the top of the ridge between the Olympic Park and the Callaghan Country cross country areas and then a drop back down to the lake. It is very indirect and not the normal route that would be taken into the backcountry which would generally follow the FSR to the lake. FYI. The new day lodge was closed to the public for the entire 4 day nordic world cup held there from Jan 15 to 18th so it would have been hard to get a parking pass there. I had not seen any of these instructions before embarking on my Callaghan valley exploration day on Saturday. The people in the Olympic Park rental center stated that I had to buy a day pass ($20) if I wanted to access the provincial park and were very unhelpful. They did state that discussions were still ongoing with various user groups. I drove down to the Callaghan Country area at km 8 on the Callaghan Valley Rd (1km below the Olympic Park). There is a large parking lot there which is clearly sign posted as "for customers only". I went into the office to inquire about parking and back country access along the FSR. I was initially told that I had to buy a pass by the person behind the desk but when I started questioning how the public could be excluded from accessing an FSR that was the public access to a provincial park, the area manager came out of an adjacent office and took me outside. I must have been disturbing his guests! He was friendly and more informative than any one else that I'd run into. He was quite adament about not parking in his lot but showed me a small space on the west side of the Madley Creek bridge where there was room for about 3 cars. Luckily there was a spare spot there. This is really the bottom of the FSR just across the bridge. If it was plowed a little more there would be space for at least 10 cars here. He said I could go into the lake along the FSR as long I didn't disturb the track. This space was not signposted as being for back country users and there were no back country access signs along the road. It appeared to me that one space was consumed by 2 cars parked back to back that were stored there and that the other spot was being used by Callaghan Country customers. I got the feeling that allowing me to use the FSR was at his discretion and was not necessarily official policy. While I had been in the office I got the impression that guests of the lodge could be transported by motorized means which seems contradictory to what is allowed for the land use designation of the Callaghan Valley which is "non-motorized". There is still significant work that needs to be done to ensure that back country users preserve their back country access through this valley. The current official position apears to have completely blocked access to the valley and the provincial park to non-paying back country users.

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