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Woodcarver's Parking Area #3833 (Swift Creek Lower Parking)
Type: Parking Elevation: 410 m (1345 ft)
Location:   49.85333,-123.14639     49:51:12, -123:08:47   10U 489477 5522334
(13 km SW of Garibaldi Lake). (10 km N of Brackendale).

As of 2019, the road is usually plowed up to the large open area just beyond the wood carver's house of Tantalus View Retreat. Park just before the bridge.

Prior to 2012, you could only drive as far as Tantalus View Retreat the Wood Carver's bed and breakfast, as the Swift creek road was not drivable beyond. But as of 2012 or so, you can now drive past the house and continue up the road quite a ways. In winter, you can only drive to Tantalus Lodge.

A beautiful house, and a large wood shed containing numerous unique twisted and artistic trees, and nearby bed and breakfast retreat. Large parking area. The owner has been very friendly to Bivouac members in winter.

Access: From Highway 99, turn right to go to the Tantalus viewpoint. This part is paved. then drive up the dirt Swift Creek road from Tantalus view.

2019.03.14 Robin Tivy - Parked here for Conroy-Swift creek loop
In winter, this is still the place to park, since the road beyond is not plowed. If you go there, you drive past the house of the owner of Tantalus view lodge and should park at the far eastern end of the yard, right beside the bridge. The road beyond is not plowed. In summer, you could drive 6 km further up the road. See Trip Report
2013.04.16 Robin Tivy - Not needed currently
This parking spot is not currently needed, since the road beyond has been fixed up for more logging. We drove past the wood carver's house, and there were a few cars at his bed and breakfast - good to see he's doing OK, after being so good to ski parties over the years. See Trip Report

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