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Metal Dome Parking Area #3800 (Edna Mainline Parking area)
Type: Parking Elevation: 717 m (2352 ft)
Location:   50.10645,-123.12436     50:06:23, -123:07:28   10U 491107 5550474
(7 km SW of Rainbow Lake). (12 km W of Whistler). (10 km SW of Rainbow Mountain).

This parking area is a plowed pullout for backcountry skiers going to Metal Dome. It is just 100 meters up the sideroad leading to the dogsled operation. To find this parking area, drive up the paved Callaghan Valley road and watch for the road sign for Edna Creek. This is 4.5 km from the start. After you cross the creek, drive another 1.4 km and look for a turnoff on your left. This is 5.9 km from the start of the Callaghan Valley Road. You are now on a plowed road which goes to the Dogsled area. However, the parking area you want is just 100 meters from the start.

History of "Dogsled" Name: This parking area used to be called the Dogsled parking area, because it was used for that purpose in 2010. However, by 2013 the dogsled starting point was moved further down the road.

2020.02.10 Robin Tivy - Parked here for Metal Dome
The parking spot is still in the same place as last year. When you turn off the Callaghan valley road, it is about 100m from the turn, up a short hill. There were about 7-10 cars there yesterday when we arrived. We took one of the last easy spots. When we came out I noticed at least 3 more cars parked in the lower parking area, closer to the road. See Trip Report
2017.01.29 Robin Tivy - Parking again allowed at "spot 64)
As of yesterday, "Dogsled Junction Parking" it is back to the original parking spot at 50.106381,-123.124391, which I call "Spot 64". It is the first plowed out spot up the road right where the first logging road junction goes off. The cleared out area is big enough for about 10 cars. There were 7 cars there when we came out so it must be commonly used. I assume the legendary Dogsled operation must be still further down the road near 50.105487,-123.126537 (spot 56), along with a snowmobile tour operation. Evidence of the snowmobile tours is perhaps the huge fuel tank visible from space on GMap satellite. As for the beloved dogs, we heard plenty of distant howling as we arrived. Not sure how many dog tours they still do. From the tracks on the road, the snowmobile tours outnumber the dog tours although we did see a few dog prints on the main road coming up from their area. If you look at old bulletins from 2011, you'll see we went thru a phase where backcountry skiers could not use spot 64 and had to park on the shoulder of the road, just 10 meters off the Callaghan Valley Road. (2011 March 20). At that time there was a sign at the "spot 64" saying "no parking", and threats of towing. In writing these bulletins today, I discovered once again the value of having names for the spots that don't change as the use changes. The lat-long based "spot numbers" such as "spot 64" do the job. The number is based on the 3rd digits of lat-long of 50.106381,-123.124391. And the previous parking spot on the shoulder of the road can be referred to as "spot 63 (50.106264,-123.123549). And the actual dogsled operation is thought to be near the giant fuel drum at spot 56. As we were leaving we saw a van advertising snowmobile tours coming out from spot 56. I feel sorry for the non-machine based dogsled operation as they are overrun with machines the same as backcountry skiing. See Trip Report
2011.03.25 Robin Tivy - No problem Parking near turnoff
We had no problems parking on the shoulder, just north of the junction with the paved Callaghan Valley Road. There was one other car also there. There was a packed area of hard snow on the shoulder, and both of us parked there side by side. The area was big enough for 6 cars. As previously reported, the actual dogsled staging area is now several hundred meters along the dirt road, and is not visible from the junction. Since I read the previous bulletin by Will Clevland, I just confirmed with him that they were indeed up at the actual dogsled staging area, far from the corner: he says: "That's right - the end of the line. There was a warming hut, I believe the sign said "Blackcomb Snowmobile Tours" or something, as well as a long multiple-leash chain thing. And a lot of dog urine." To avoid future confusion, I changed the title of the place where it is safe to park from "dogsled parking area" to "dogsled junction". (meaning junction with Callaghan valley road). From the junction, we started skiing directly up the snow covered road, that leads off the bare dirt road. Within 3 minutes, we crossed the dogsled route. See Trip Report
2011.02.23 Evan Sklarski - Bizzare
I parked there without incident the last two days (21, 22). Maybe it is a weekend thing? and... I can help but feel that towing my vehicle while I'm in the backcountry is tantamount to endangerment of my person. I'd be calling a lawyer. What if you really needed that vehicle you were returning to? No food, water, heat, or other things you would be expecting and what... a 20k walk to services?
2011.02.22 Will Cleveland - Towed car at Dogsled Parking Lot (Spot 64)
Parked at the dogsled lot on Sunday Feb 20th for a trip up Metal Dome. Arrived back at the lot right at the same time as another couple, who had parked right next to us. Their car was gone and someone had put up a sign saying No Parking, violators towed etc at the entrance to the lot. We were pretty sure the sign wasn't there in the morning. I guess we just lucked out that it wasn't our car that was towed, and the other couple lucked out that we were at the lot at the same time as them. We all piled in and gave them a ride back to their place in Squamish. Careful where you park! We'll be looking for a place on the shoulder next time.
2010.03.06 Robin Tivy - Dogsled trailhead moved, but you should ski from same point as always
We did a 2 day trip from here, parking within a few hundred feet of the turnoff from the paved road. We just parked on the shoulder, lots of room. Unlike previous years, there is no plowed out parking lot, and the dogsled company doesn't seem to be using this area any more. There is no longer any "quaint" entrance structure. The road we parked on continues south and is plowed, and there is a sign which says "Private guard dog on duty". So I assume the dog operation has moved further down the road to a new starting point, and that one of their 24 sled dogs is on duty (ha ha). For ski access, we used the unplowed road that goes west, rather than continuing on the plowed road going south. We had to climb over a big plowed up snowbank to start - it is obvious no dogsled is going this way. Soon after starting, we crossed a heavily groomed road, and then another.
2009.02.10 Paul Kubik - No hassles
Parked by a big front end loader for a day trip up Medal Dome. There were no Olympic-sized hassles. In fact, we saw no one all day.
2008.04.05 Bram van Straaten - Good access to N side of Brandywine
From the end of the Callaghan West FSR a longish traverse through mature forest leads to the northern glacier of Brandywine Mnt. See Trip Report
2008.03.14 Robin Tivy - Dogsled Parking Lot access to Metal Dome
This parking lot is the key to a system of snowed in roads that give access to the north side of Metal Dome and Brandywine. When we got there, the operator of the dogsled tours was there, so I talked to him. He was friendly enough, and there was no problem with us parking down the road from his operation. Lots of room for everybody. The dogs are a specialized crossbreed of hound and husky, similar to the current top dogs on the Iditarod 1150 mile dog sled race in Alaska. The sled departed while we were there, with 2 people on board. The main road used by the sled is groomed, and has occasional dog poop. But we only stayed on that road for a short distance before we branched off on another road to the left (south). Our destination was Metal Dome. See Trip Report

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