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Alexander Falls Parking Lot #3798
Type: Parking Elevation: 800 m (2625 ft)
Location:   50.13289,-123.12760     50:07:58, -123:07:39   10U 490880 5553414
(5 km SW of Rainbow Lake). (12 km W of Whistler). (7 km SW of Rainbow Mountain).

Use this lot for overnight trips in this area, see WOP Backcountry Access Rules

The parking lot is located before you get to the main WOP gate, and is 300m south of the 180 degree hairpin turn on Callaghan Valley Road. The lat-long is for the Alexander Falls viewpoint parking lot, not the Falls themselves.

This parking spot is referred to as "Back Country Overnight Parking" on some maps. Scott Nelson says there is a road sign that says "Alexander Falls Recreation Site", so that is the correct name, but the sign is not visible in winter).

2019.04.19 Sandra McGuinness - Snow at road
Mid April and snow at the road. See Trip Report
2019.02.10 Robin Tivy - Parked here for ascent of Rainbow
We parked here. There were about 6 or 8 cars, and room for more. To reach the Hanging Lake trail, we skied a complicated route involving various X-country trails. In some places there were official signs marking the access route. We got back at 6:00 PM. See Trip Report
2019.01.13 Chris Nott - Parked here for an overnight at Hanging Lake
There was plowed room for about 8-10 cars. I suspect there's less room as the winter goes on and they can't find space to put the removed snow.
2013.01.29 Robin Tivy - Plowed out and used by about 5 cars
We drove past this parking lot on our way to the main day lodge, and I observed that it was plowed out with an indentation of about 20 meters. There were about 5 cars there. When we drove out, the backcountry party was loading up their cars. Previously I had the lat-long for this parking lot in the middle of the large brown area that shows on the current satellite picture on google, but today I moved the lat-long to be right beside the highway, to better correspond to where you actually park in winter.
2012.03.11 Scott Nelson - plowed for 5 cars
This parking lot is still being plowed by the ministry of transportation contractor. There is enough room for 5 or so vehicles to park here.
2011.02.16 Scott Nelson - limited parking
Only a small pullout is now being plowed just off the Callaghan Valley Road. Currently there's enough room for 3-5 vehicles. I parked here from February 13-15th during heavy snowfall and did not get towed or plowed in.
2011.01.23 Scott Nelson - Parking lot plowed
The parking lot is plowed for overnight use. 6" of snow when we arrived on Saturday morning but it was plowed clean by 5pm Sunday. There is room for 30+ cars. We headed up Callaghan FSR to Callaghan Lake and didn't see any other skiers en route.

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