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Jim Haberl Hut #3542
Type: Building_Hut Elevation: 2030 m (6660 ft)
Location:   49.79909,-123.30963     49:47:57, -123:18:35   10U 477717 5516339
(12 km W of Brackendale). (3 km SE of Mount Tantalus).
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges

Club maintained climbing hut. The hut is situated in the Serratus-Dione col, NW of Serratus Mountain and just outside the boundary of Tantalus Provincial Park.. The hut was erected in 2005 by numerous volunteers from the Squamish, Whistler and Vancouver mountaineering scene including the mountain guiding community, the Alpine Club of Canada - Vancouver Section and 192 Airfield Engineering Flight. The seminal moment was when funding for the hut was achieved through the Jim Haberl Fund.

Access: Normally reached by climbing from the Tantalus Hut at Lake Lovely Water over the Serratus-Ionia col. Alternately, approach from the north via Sigurd Creek trail, on a multi-day traverse of mountains and glaciers.
Jim Haberl Hut in Serratus-Dione col (Photo: Nathan Dubeck)

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2007.06.03 Chris Kiely - Open for season
Outhouse has been emptied of snow, shutters fixed and general tidying done. The propane stoves are working fine, however the heater is not. Hopefully we can get it fixed by the fall. Fully stocked kitchen and so on, you don't need to bring anything except your food. Just received netload of mattresses so leave your sleeping pad at home if you are flying up. Hut can use a few games (chess, cribbage etc).
2006.07.03 Blair Mitten - Access...what is the normal access?
I'd say helicopter, these days.
2006.07.02 Blair Mitten - Jim Haberl Hut is officially open.
On June 29 a ceremony was held to officially open the hut. Panelling was finished, fascia bolted in place, stainless kitchen counter installed, and the inside of the outhouse painted. Tools and garbage were removed. Fred Becky, now age 83, was staying at and climbing from the Tit, he had tried to reserve in the hut and was seen studying the large and informative map displayed there...I am guessing he approves, but you never know. Contact Ron Royston and the Vancouver Section of the Alpine Club of Canada for reservations. 604-687-2711 is the number to reserve the Tantalus Hut, I am assuming that its the same for JimHut. A token and very reasonable fee, I think $10.00 per, is charged.
2006.05.21 Chris Kiely - Almost ready to go
We just spent 10 days and installed the wall panelling and ceiling, and cased out the windows. So as of now the interior is almost finished and most of the millwork has been installed (they went in right after us), except the main counter. Things left to do include flooring installation, plumbing, installing the solar panels and the outside decking needs to be finished. Plus a bunch of little details that are typical of end of construction. Potentially on track for a July opening. See some pictures here:
2006.04.12 Paul Kubik - Hut completion scheduled for 2006
The exterior of the hut is complete and survived its first winter. According to Alistair Foreman, "The plan is to have two experienced finishing carpenters go up for an extended visit (hopefully 9-10 days) and "get it done". There is wall sheathing, ceiling tongue-and-groove, interior doors, floor, and trim. Prior to that we will probably have a small crew in to finish the insulation, rough in the plumbing (water and propane) and wiring. Following the major work we'll send in a crew to install the counters, shelves, bunks, and cupboards (which are built and waiting in Squamish). That leaves a whole bunch of "details" to finish up, including things like furniture, water tank, painting, and so on."

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