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Brandywine Falls Picnic Site #2082 (Brandywine Falls Parking Area)
Type: Parking Elevation: 1540 m (5052 ft)
Location:   50.03789,-123.12199     50:02:16, -123:07:19   10U 491264 5542850
(14 km S of Rainbow Lake). (14 km SW of Whistler). (9 km NW of The Black Tusk).

This picnic site has a large paved parking lot and washrooms. There are usually 10-20 cars on a nice weekend. From the parking lot, a short and heavily used trail leads south to the spectacular waterfall. There are typically lots of people there. To get away from the crowds, take the north fork of the trail. This trail goes numerous kilometers, but right at the start you will pass a series of small lakes (tarns), just off the trail. These are great for a quick swim, and there are rarely any people here.

2020.02.12 Robin Tivy - Parking area gated in winter, vehicles towed for parking outside gate
According to a posting by Steve Jones on Facebook, the large parking area at Brandywine Falls Provincial Park is gated for the winter and people who park outside the gate have had their vehicles towed.
2009.12.06 Andrew Wong - Brandywine Falls Provincial Park - Parking area closed Oct/09-Apr/10
The parking lot at Brandywine Provincial Park will be closed from Oct. 16/09 to April 30/10, as the 2010 Winter Games will be using the area as a temporary logistics facility. The notice on the BC Parks website ( is reprinted here: "Parks Operations during Olympics Between October 16, 2009 and April 30, 2010, the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) will be using the parking areas of Brandywine Falls Provincial Park for the temporary operation of a vehicle screening and logistics facility. During this time, there will be no public access to the parking facilities in this Park. Brandywine Falls may still be accessed between October 16 and January 3rd via trails from McGuire Station and Daisy Lake Forest Service Road. These trails are not groomed and snowshoes or skis may be required. Trail users are advised to keep clear of the parking areas during the operational period. Please Note: No stopping or parking will be permitted on the Daisy Lake Forest Service Road from January 4 - March 31, 2010"
2004.08.15 Robin Tivy - Good swimming in small lakes to north
I've stopped here many times and hiked the short distance up the trail to the wonderful lakes. My favorite lake is one that is just to the left (west) of the trail, where a mossy overhang gets you immediately into the swimmable water (1.5 meters deep). The lake itself is 4 or 5 meters deep, and you can swim to the other end. I've never seen anyone else at this lake, so you don't need to get your swimsuit wet. At one of the further lakes, I watched a mother bear and 2 cubs on a hot summer day for about 20 minutes. (It wasn't as good for swimming as the closer lake). Someday when I'm about 85 I'd like to explore the trail all the way to the end.

Trip Reports
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