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Olive Hut #187 (Catamount Hut)
Type: Building_Hut Elevation: 2670 m (8760 ft)
Location:   50.63165,-116.55769     50:37:54, -116:33:28   11U 531282 5608958
(31 km W of Edgewater). (2 km N of Gwendoline Mountain).

Club maintained cabin, fully equipped. Stone hut wood lined. Sleeps 6. The Olive Hut is a beautiful stone hut perched at 9,000' on a granite outcrop above the Catamount glacier. The interior is wood lined and in immaculate shape. It is fully equiped with propane stove, coleman lantern, and wood stove. Lots of utensils, china plates, cups, pots, and pans mean that all you have to do is bring a sleeping bag and food. The hut sleeps about six. There is good rock climbing (on granite), literally outside the door and lots of routes within sight. There are a number of alpine routes and peaks (Mt Gwendoline, North Star, Black Fang) all within an hour's hike. In the winter there is excellent skiing, 'Brenda's bay' a popular spot, being .5 km from the hut. In previous years, the area had turned into a very popular snowmobiling area and it was not unusual to see a dozen machines roaring around the glacier. An agreement with the Forest Service and local snowmobile groups has restricted snowmobiles from the glacier. Snowmobilers have been very good at observing this restriction. The area is within the operations of local heli skiing firms, but they generally do not use the area. Most years, there is still excellent spring skiing on the May long weekend, when it is usually possible to drive close to the trail head.

Access is via the Forester Creek logging road. From the trail head it is about a 3-4 hour hike in. While it is possible to skirt around the edge of the Catamount glacier, normal access does involve glacier travel up the Catamount. In recent years the glacier has broken up exposing some large crevasses. The hut tends to be busy during the winter months for skiing and sees relatively light use during the summer and fall. The hut is managed and maintained by the Columbia Valley Hut Society , bookings are currently taken through a cycle shop in Invermere.

Access: Horsethief-Forster FSR

History: The Olive (or Catamount) hut was constructed in memory of Peter and Brenda Olive (brother and sister) who both died young, in separate helicopter accidents, Brenda in the Bugaboos and Peter in the Arctic. The hut's construction was a joint effort by their mother and the BC Forest Service.
The Olive Hut above the Catamount Glacier


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