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Lost Lake Shelter #182 (Kallahne Creek Hut, Lost Lake Cabin)
Type: Building_Shelter Elevation: 1062 m (3484 ft)
Location:   49.53973,-123.21079     49:32:23, -123:12:39   10U 484749 5487479
(12 km SW of Mountain Lake). (9 km N of Lions Bay). (6 km W of Capilano Mountain).

Small dark hut, not in a very useful location for overnight. Located at the end of the Kallahne Creek trail near Kallahne Lake. The lake (3850ft) feeds the south fork of Kallahne Creek. The Kallahne Creek road was permanently deactivated around 1995. Above the lake, the road deteriorates and a route is flagged beyond it to Deeks Peak.. The A-frame hut accomodates about four people. The log book states that it was built by Porteau Camp volunteers using donated building materials from various Squamish businesses. It has a wood stove. It has a dirt floor and a good metal roof. Access: Access is via the Kallahne Creek Trail.
Lost Lake Hut in fall

2018.09.24 Bushman5 - Hut in excellent shape
Hut in great shape, very clean (no garbage, unnecessary stuff left behind) . Usual mice droppings. Large carpenter ants are steadily chewing their way thru some support log posts, huge piles of ant wings and sawdust. (might be an idea to bring a large box of BORAX mixed with Diatomaceous Earth - spread liberally around cabin edges inside and out) Firewood supply at about 60%. Someone left a fairly new log splitter ax in the wood shed. Stove draws very well if you build the fire lay at the back of the stove chamber. gazillions of blueberries and huckleberries ready for picking. small 200 lb black bear present on HEAVILY overgrown trail NW of the outflow creek from Lost Lake. Took 4 screamer rounds and 2 bear bangers to get him to lose interest in following me as I descended. Hut could use a latchable metal box (tight fitting lid to keep mice out), bolted to one of the walls, stocked with emergency supplies (sleeping bag, roll up mattress, knife, fork, spoon, candles, matches, fatwood firestarter stick, TP, First Aid Kit, hard chocolate bars, hot chocolate mix, pull tab soups, beans, and bottled water......for emergencies only. (in case someone actually needs the shelter for an emergency, unlike most of us ;)
2017.09.23 Fred Touche - Good Condition
The Lost Lake Shelter is clean and in good condition, and there's plenty of firewood under a nearby lean-to. Someone is talking care of this cabin.
2015.01.25 Fred Touche - Mice
The cabin is in generally good shape and there's plenty of firewood stacked in the shed outside. The table inside the cabin is however covered in mice feces.
2010.06.13 Scott Nelson - Stove works
Steve grant reports that the stove was functional.
2009.11.03 Robin Tivy - Stovepipe fixed, some firewood
The stovepipe is fixed and has a cap on it. However it probably should extend farther up, its top is a long way below the crest of the roof, so I'm not sure how well it will "draw". There is a bit of firewood and an axe. Hut is reasonably clean. See Trip Report
2009.01.26 Robin Tivy - Hut in good shape, with firewood
The hut had a substantial supply of firewood. We lit a small test fire in the stove. The stove is pretty good, although the door has to be manually placed onto the lower hinges, and will fall off when you open it. The chimney seemed to be OK, and the fire drew OK once warm. The hut was neat, with no mess. The metal roof was in very good shape, and I doubt it leaks. The single biggest improvement to this hut would be if it had a wood floor instead of a dirt floor. See Trip Report
2008.06.23 Paul Kubik - Stove pipe stove in
The top cap of the stove pipe is lying on the ground and there is a stub of pipe left emerging from the roof but it is bent over and almost pinched shut. The hinges on the stove door are gone but the door still balances in the shut position. We couldn't get the stove to draw properly.

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