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Henriette Lake Cabin #150
Type: Building_Shelter Elevation: 800 m (2625 ft)
Location:   49.67481,-123.31789     49:40:29, -123:19:04   10U 477064 5502524
(18 km NW of Mountain Lake). (13 km W of Squamish). (8 km S of Mount Sedgwick).

Obscure. Probably not useful since mill closed which cuts off access to this area. Was not used regularly for mountaineering even before that. As of 2016, not sure if it is open.

6 km west of the now defunct Woodfibre pulp mill up Squamish Inlet.. The cabin was occupied until the 1970s by the water tender working for the pulp mill company at Woodfibre. Since that time, it is generally available for public use on a first-come basis. Check at the first aid station in Woodfibre to see if it is available. The cabin has a small kitchen with wood stove and bedroom on the second story. The site has seen some industrial activity recently- a new helicopter-landing pad was built (ca. 1998) and new piping at the dam.

A well-worn trail leads from the logging road at Woodfibre Creek to the cabin. A second trail leads north from the cabin to the ridge above Sylvia Lake (~1300m), the usual camping spot for parties attempting Mount Sedgwick.

The terrain south of Henriette Lake is easily reached by crossing the dam. It is bisected by a gas pipeline right-of-way crossing to Sechelt Creek. The right-of-way is somewhat useful as it provides access to the long, interconnected ridges characteristic of the area.

The terrain south of the Henriette Lake is well suited for skiing, comparable in difficulty and extent to Paul Ridge above Red Heather Meadows in the Diamond Head area, so favored by yo-yo skiers.

FtrAccess: Via Mount Roderick trail although access will now be difficult as the Woodfibre Mill has closed.
Henriette Lake Cabin

2019.07.03 Vincent Hanlon - Inquired about access
I called the phone number (see below) to ask about access. The official (and presumably Woodfibre LNG) wants to prevent all access through the Woodfibre property. Unfortunately, Woodfibre owns enough of the coastline that it may be difficult to access Henrietta Lake and Mt Sedgwick from this side now. I have asked the VOC to raise the issue with the FMCBC.
2017.11.13 Piotr Forysinski - Stayed at cabin
The upstairs of the cabin is unlocked, and in very useable shape. The trail up to the hut is in surprisingly good shape, although the bridge over the creek that drains Woodfibre Lake (km 5.8) is very much out, and there is quite a bit of deadfall around there. It's worth "following the trail" through this as afterwards the trail is in great shape. A group of us accessed the hut by paddling sea kayaks from the Squamish Spit. We left our kayaks at Woodfibre, now called "Woodfibre LNG". On our way back, an official asked us to call 604 892 4103 ahead of visiting in the future, as Woodfibre is private property and a 'contaminated site'.
2005.04.23 Vida Morkunas - Snow line near the cabin
Lake appears stubbornly frozen although dark spots abound near the shoreline. Continuous snow begins suddenly just below the cabin, and is quite deep.

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