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Red Heather Hut #128
Type: Building_Shelter Elevation: 1390 m (4560 ft)
Location:   49.76271,-123.03807     49:45:46, -123:02:17   10U 497258 5512249
(17 km N of Mountain Lake). (8 km E of Brackendale). (9 km NW of Alpen Mountain).

Located just west of the Elfin lakes summer road as you enter the alpine. If you zoom in to 10m accuracy on satellite view, you can clearly see the green roof of the hut. Run by BC Provincial Parks.

This warming hut shelter is a typical stopping point for dozens of people on any given weekend, and it is often hard to get space at the 2 picnic tables. It is not intended as an overnight destination, but could sleep 8 in emergency situation. Facilities include woodstove, outhouse and a propane burner, and two large picnic tables. (No sleeping bunks or loft). The tent pads near the hut were dismantled by BC Parks several years ago, and summer camping in the area is not permitted.

Access: Typically accessed by skiing up the Elfin Lakes trail.
Red Heather Hut

2011.11.07 Robin Tivy - Adjusted lat-long of hut according to satellite view
We made the traditional stop at the hut on the way back down to the cars. Everything is in top shape. No-one had started the woodstove, but there was a huge pile of firewood stacked at the back, outside which will be used all winter. I corrected the Lat-long of the hut. If you click "Topo map" and then switch to satellite view, and zoom way in to "10m" you can clearly see the green roof of the hut. While inside, you can see the ground between the cracks of the floor boards, reminding you its not intended for overnight use. See Trip Report
2004.08.03 Mike Huang - Red Heather Camp is closed for Camping
Signs on parking lot and the door of the shelter, but the door still unlock.

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